Advice from Richard Branson

This short video has some invaluable advice from the great Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group of companies.

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  1. This man has inspired me so much in the past years how `Critisism Can Drive me`So I quit my comfortable Job for my Fulfilling Fitness Business that I Love & believe in And the Results are AWESOME.
    Tx Sir Branson-Wish I could thank you Personally.I opened my Own Gyms but my Onw Style!

  2. Truly a remarkable gentleman….gentle,compassionate,modest,honest and grateful….qualities required for humanity….bless you Richard,love to meet you one day…Rgds Mansukh (South Africa)

  3. After 20 years so called experience in the casino industry, eventually i quit and join courier industry for 7 years, all this time i was not happy until i open my communications company where i can make my own decision. After i have attended the* the secret of success* with Brian Walsh, i cannot remain the same. Thank you Brian by awakening the giant within me. wait for more good news, excellence or nothing. knowing that you are under a great umbrellas with the great people like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins this is the chain that has created great entrepreneurs in their lives.

  4. Such inspiring, honest words from such a humble man! I recently made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and follow my dreams by developing a project that can better the lives of so many individuals. With determination, courage, faith and inspiring words like these, I aim at making this a huge success!
    I wish I could meet you in person to thank you personally, it will be such an honour to tell you about the project I am working on.
    Shelley (South Africa)

  5. Batho-Batho 'Bibi' Moeketsi · Edit

    Inspiring, re-assuring and and motivating – I’ve always appreciated your perspective on business and your approach to new ideas…

    Most Empowering!


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