Ass Kicking Monday – The #1 Strategy for Success in 2015

97% of people fail to do this one simple yet critical thing when it comes to achieving success. This may surprise you but ignoring it is detrimental.

Please share (in comments below) what you are doing to make 2015 your best year ever.

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  1. What a way to start a Monday, got my dream book out writing my goals down. From this moment forward every year will be my year. See you guys in Feb

  2. Hi Brian,

    I agree 100%. It is all about action. If you have clear goals, you will almost automatically take the neccesary action to achieve it.

  3. Eish! Bali – how inspiring is that?!

    Have shared your link and we will be sharing our goals and desired achievements.

    Thank you and I wish for you a Phenomenal Fifteen.

  4. Just the question I have been asking myself since the beginning of the year. I have been greatly inspired by this short and precise video, starting now I am going to put my goals down and make sure that my words turn to action.
    thanx Brian

  5. Is not for the first time I hear this advice, but now that is coming from you. It really means that it works and I will definitely take ACTION right away.

    Thank you a million Brian

  6. Totally!!!! Thanks, Brian. I worked hard in December, and I can see the results. 2015 comes yet with more exciting plans.
    🙂 Of course America is still the land of opportunity, but, maan! South Africa isn’t that bad either.

  7. I like the approach of asking myself the question, what achievement that will make my 2015 a best year ever…then start working to achieve that. Great staff.

  8. I realized that South Africa’s focus is on employees instead of employers. This is proven by the Educational system we have, whereby the idea of outstanding Curriculum vitae has being planted in most, if not everyone’s mind. We need to eliminate the getting a job idea and implement the creating jobs idea. That being said I believe we can reach over 1 million Entrepreneurs across the continent.

  9. My goal for 2015 is to pursue a career in real estate and resign from my current 8 – 5 job by April. There…I wrote it down!! Thanks for the inspiration…!!

  10. My goal for 2015 is to pursue a career in real estate . I want to resign my 8-5 job in April. There….I wrote it down and marked it in my diary!!! Thanks for the insparation!!!

  11. 2015 has been my very best year ever, because:
    1) Martai Building Contractors has built their first residential complex & completed ahead of schedule & on budget.
    2) Bron & I have finally had a nice relaxing holiday in the Carribean.
    3) Both Bron & I have managed to systematize our businesses to a point where we can be away from the businesses at least 40% more than ever before.

  12. What I am doing to is getting my company off the ground by marketing as much as possible and reading up about success stories of entrepreneurs. I want to make a success of myself and make an impact in people’s lives.

  13. Very interesting question Brian! i’ve just gone introduce 10 customers evry wk of 5 might b interested in de busines or more and am xcited abt that bcouse it has already placed me somewhere! Thanx Brian!!!

  14. Thank you Brian.
    My goals are:
    Manage free time to create better relations
    Become financially independent
    Building a reliable team .
    Looking forward to my best year ever.

  15. Thank you Brian.

    When I read the heading “If I don’t do this I don’t do this I won’t succeed” before clicking the link, I thought it was going to be a major thing that I have to do and which requires large sums of money, but it’s so simple so easy.

    Thank you. You’ve made my Tuesday morning better than the Monday I had yesterday.


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