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Attracting Positive Coincidences

Attracting Positive Coincidences

Coincidences come in different forms. They don’t always come glaring at you as a positive coincidences. Sometimes they come as a stumble or an obstacle.

When you are determined to succeed, every stumble or obstacle becomes a blessing or a positive coincidence.

Whenever I have a rejection of some sort, I get so energized that I work ten times harder on my work to overcome the rejection. There is something within me that tells me that I am worth it even if someone else does not think so. Someone else’s opinion does not define who I am and to prove that I work ten times harder.

Looking back I am where I am because of the rejections and stumbles that I have had in my life. Therefore, I thank every one who created the stumbles for me.

When you are determined to succeed and believe in yourself, you treat everything in your life as a positive coincidence.

My friend, colleague and co-author of “What You Seek is Seeking You” (release May 2015) would call this “inverse paranoid”.

How about you? Do you attract positive coincidences in your life.

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