T Harv-Eker’s full talk from the recent NAC in Johannesburg South Africa. This talk will change your life, that I guarantee. Now he will tell you about an amazing event that YOU HAVE MISSED…arrrrgh, but guess what… you can attend it again in September 2013 and the deal he offers Entrepreneur.co.za can exclusivly get you.…

Whatever’s coming at us in life – is it happening because we somehow deserve it? Did we ask for it? Sometimes it’s our blueprints that limit what the Universe brings into our lives. People unconsciously punish themselves over something that happened a long time ago but they haven’t forgiven themselves. Or they feel guilty about…

There’s a book out there called “Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle” by Stuart Wilde. The title pretty much says it all, yes? You sure wouldn’t know it by the way people work and live, though, would you? The fact is most people suffer through their work if not their lives. They do…

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