Being True to Yourself through your Customers

Being True to Yourself through your Customers

Some customers can be a drain on you and your business and can even steer you off course from your dream and life strategy if you are not careful. This is because some customers are signed up by you purely because they offer a solution to a revenue generation problem and are a temporary relief to your entrepreneurial financial stressors. It is important to remember that customers signed up purely to generate money are a short term solution to your financial stressors, but a long term deterrent to achieving your life goals through your business. Remember, that what you do every day adds up, bit by bit, to your overall life accomplishments. If what you are doing for some customers takes your focus away from your dreams and what you really want to achieve with your life, you are only hurting yourself and your sense of personal reward along your overall life journey.

Other customers will literally make you feel alive and full of joy every time you work with them. This is probably because the work you are doing for them supports and reflects your dream and life goals and you are able to be your authentic self around them. You will also find that you could even form natural connections with some of these customers that offer mutual support for both your respective businesses.

If there are customers out there who will bring you joy, who allow you to express and live your dream through the work you are doing for them and who work well with you as a person, why waste your time and energy on customers who drain you and steer you away from your dream? If there are customers out there who can pay you for what you really want to do with your life, why not allow yourself the opportunity to let your business go in their direction, instead of working with customers who are suffocating you and your dream?

For me, the principles of creating and manifesting things for yourself in your life also apply to creating and manifesting things for yourself in your business. If you, as a human being, have the power to create and attract, then it follows that you should be able to create the circumstances that attract the right customers for your chosen business/life journey.

I have proven time and time again with myself and my clients that it is indeed possible to focus on and attract the kinds of customers you want to work with, who you can have natural connections with and who you can express your authentic work through. In fact, if you do this properly, you will find your business prospering through referral work and through strong business relationships that seldom let you down.

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