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5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Quit My Job To Freelance

Just over a year ago, I quit my job as the Director of Communications at a luxury home-design retailer. I didn’t leave for another position or to travel the world — I left to freelance write, edit, and consult. At the time, my only certainties were a massive pay cut and a single client. And, oh yeah, I was…

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What It’s Like To Pitch Your Startup To President Obama

When language-learning service Duolingo got an invite from the White House to Tuesday’s inaugural Demo Day celebration of American entrepreneurs, Duolingo leaders expected to meet fellow founders and catch a closing speech from President Barack Obama. Instead, cofounder Luis von Ahn and VP of marketing and international development Gina Gotthilf were asked to pitch their company directly to Obama, as if he…

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This Is The Hardest Part Of Getting Rich, According To A Billionaire

The hardest part of becoming a billionaire isn’t keeping tabs on your accounts, finding friends and employees you can trust, or juggling the demands on your deep pockets. It’s getting started. At least, that was the hardest part for media magnate and billionaire Ted Turner. In “Billionaires: Reflections On The Upper Crust,” Darrell M. West…

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This Tech CEO & His Employees Only Work Four Days A Week

Ryan Carson tried the relentless startup lifestyle when he worked for a startup design firm in London after college. He was regularly delirious with exhaustion from a few hours of nightly sleep and was frustrated with his output, he told The Washington Post in February. That’s why he now offers the 87 employees of his company, Treehouse, a 32-hour,…

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