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4 Secrets to Success Richard Branson Learned From Nelson Mandela

Instead of getting angry when dealing with the headaches of launching a new business, Sir Richard draws on lessons Mandela taught him for overcoming a struggle. As Virgin America announced plans for its long-awaited IPO, Sir Richard Branson confided over a late-night beer just how maddening it can be to launch any high-flying business, even…

2 min

78 Years Ago, A Journalist Who Studied 500 Millionaires Realized Something About Relationships That Is Just As Relevant Today

Nearly a century ago, journalist Napoleon Hill set out on a mission to uncover and document the strategies used by the wealthiest and most successful businessmen in America. He studied more than 500 self-made millionaires over a span of 20 years, and his research culminated in the 1937 bestseller “Think and Grow Rich,” which shares…

5 min

How To Buy A Private Island — Even If You’re Not A Tech Billionaire

For the more adventurous of the 1%, finding your beach can sometimes mean buying your own. There’s an entire culture surrounding the purchase and management of private islands. Calling themselves “isolamaniacs,” these people tend to be independent, intrepid travelers who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Tech billionaires like Larry Ellison and Richard Branson have plopped…

3 min

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, is it nature or nurture that’s most important? Lyndon Wood, the founder of insurance business Moorhouse Group, is convinced it’s the former. Business education is over-rated, Wood suggests as he launches a new TV show, Fortune Hunters, aimed at British entrepreneurs. Wood should know – he’s estimated to be worth £16m,…

1:30 min

This Tech CEO & His Employees Only Work Four Days A Week

Ryan Carson tried the relentless startup lifestyle when he worked for a startup design firm in London after college. He was regularly delirious with exhaustion from a few hours of nightly sleep and was frustrated with his output, he told The Washington Post in February. That’s why he now offers the 87 employees of his company, Treehouse, a 32-hour,…

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