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What is Personal Wealth?

Personal wealth is the total value of a specific person’s assets and possessions; it is often calculated to gain a perspective on a person’s financial well-being, to help manage finances, or to determine the amount of an inheritance. In most cases, personal wealth is determined by calculating three areas: first, liquid assets, which are defined…

Your Path to Success – Your Wealth

Wealth is the accumulation of money and assets that eventually grow sufficiently to allow for complete financial freedom – financial wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond – whilst still generating ongoing passive income. Too many entrepreneurs focus on money instead of wealth. It is not money in and of itself that will allow…

The Concept of Wealth

When I was in Japan in 1997, I was privileged to attend various workshops on leadership together with attendees from more than 100 countries. In one particular workshop I was sitting with attendees from India, Sri Lanka and Japan. Another bunch of participants were doing a presentation on wealth and were referring purely to material…

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