From negative to positive around money!

A few months ago I went through a funny yet sad stage in my life.

I had major negative energy toward money.

I despised people who made money.

I held this idea that most people who made money were dishonorable.

I was so focused on practices such as greed, manipulation, and deceit often used by corporations to earn profits that I convinced myself that those dishonorable practices were synonymous with making money and wealth building.

A good friend was kind enough to enlighten me to the fact that holding negativity towards money would lead me to a life of poverty and hardship by pushing money away.

This made perfect sense simply because at that time, during the peak of my hatred toward money, I was also at the lowest level of poverty in my entire life.

How My Paradigm Shifted Towards Making Money & Wealth Building

About a month ago I began listening to Dr. John Demartini’s Secrets to Financial Success audio series and it’s been nothing short of mind-blowing.

Dr. Demartini teaches that as a natural law of the universe, money, like energy, flows to those that appreciate it the most and a most disciplined in principles of wise money management.

I haven’t always been super poor, however for most of my life, regardless of how much money I made, my management of money has been anything but disciplined and wise.

I can tell you that six weeks ago when this all came to my attention, I had a very low appreciation of money and wealth building. My results spoke quite loud in that I was attracting only $100 per month in income.

Since this realization, I’ve completed Demartini’s Values Determination Process and began the process of starting a disciplined and wise wealth building/management system, hence the picture of my piggy bank.

I know it isn’t much, however everyone has to start somewhere, I’m starting here!

Wealth Building In My Values Hierarchy

After completing the Demartini Value Determination process and continuing to listen to the Secrets to Financial Success audio, I learned that it would highly serve my vision and my loved ones by putting a higher value on making money and wealth building.

I learned that it would serve me to have a greater appreciation for money. I learned that it would serve me to take the money that I earned and manage it wisely.

As a result of these changes, I shifted my thinking to create a new positive relationship with money.

Guess what happened?

I began making money!

I got a new job as a substitute teacher.

I also began entertaining several long-term money-making business opportunities.

I even spent the last $27 in my checking account to create an incredibly lucrative business.

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Demartini’s Wealth Building Exercise – 200 Reasons Why

When I completed the Demartini Values Determination Process a few weeks back, I noticed that money-making and wealth building were not even included in my values hierarchy.

As part of his Secrets to Financial Success Program, Dr. John Demartini suggests that you write out 200 reasons why building wealth and making money will serve you and those you love.

According to Dr. Demartini, this exercise will help you understand the positives of placing wealth building higher on your values hierarchy.

So here I go…

  1. Inspire people to be great leaders
  2. Inspire business leaders to lead from Integrity
  3. Liberty to study leadership and personal development
  4. Wendy won’t have to work a job she doesn’t enjoy
  5. Dream wedding for Wendy
  6. Support Wendy in finding her passion, purpose, her vision
  7. Travel the world and meet many leaders
  8. Meet great leaders from around the globe
  9. Support great causes such as KIVA
  10. Eat the greatest food from around the world
  11. Meet new people and create lasting relationships with people around the world
  12. Pay my debts
  13. Give me resources to release more and more potential
  14. Be the greatest leader that I can be
  15. Participate and lead mastermind creation of solutions to social problems
  16. Inspire other people to live an extraordinary life and be bold
  17. Inspire others to love
  18. Write a book documenting my life story
  19. Create audio books of my story
  20. Support other people in achieving their dreams
  21. Provide a good retirement income for mom to do what ever she wants and go where ever she wants to go
  22. Move to San Francisco with Wendy
  23. Own a huge house or apartment in San Francisco
  24. Have the liberty to travel from city to city with a mobile business
  25. Own a fully loaded Mercedes SUV
  26. Own property and a home in Wailuku Country Estates on Maui
  27. Take Muay Thai classes again and get in shape
  28. Join CrossFit and get in shape
  29. Eat more organic and gluten-free food
  30. Drink fresh veggie and fruit juice daily
  31. Do what I want, when I want, where I want to, with whomever I want
  32. Own an awesome wardrobe
  33. Honeymoon in Europe/Mediterranean
  34. Eat pizza in Italy
  35. Live in New York city for a few months
  36. Meet celebrities like Oprah, professional athletes, CEOs of companies
  37. Get a life/business coach
  38. Join mastermind groups with super successful business owners like
  39. Become an angel-investor for start-ups
  40. Bring super success stories to high school students across the country in an effort to inspire students to think big
  41. Create a family with Wendy
  42. Promote world peace
  43. Promote transparency in business
  44. Shopping for Wendy when ever, where ever she wants
  45. Time liberty to spend with our children
  46. Buy mother’s day gifts and birthday gifts for my mother
  47. Buy gifts for my family
  48. Mentor family members to be the best leader that they can be
  49. Mentor underprivileged children to be great leaders
  50. Create various businesses
  51. Invest in many businesses
  52. Consult large corporations and business executives in human relations, communication, and leadership
  53. Own property in various countries around the world
  54. Create non-profit organizations committed to leadership principles such as integrity, responsibility, and love
  55. Help corporations and organizations create missions statements and effective leadership
  56. Create strong lasting relationships via social media
  57. Strive to connect the world
  58. Send my children to college and any educational resource they would like
  59. Teach my children to build wealth
  60. Teach my children to be great leaders
  61. Inspire humanity to grow as leaders
  62. Create habits that are positive for my growth
  63. Allow me the opportunity and access to all books
  64. Inspire freedom of thinking
  65. Inspire liberty of speech
  66. Inspire freedom of ideas
  67. Inspire liberty of expression
  68. Inspire freedom of choice
  69. Create new ideas for positively influencing society
  70. Buy a stand-up paddle board
  71. Watch sunsets around the glob
  72. Open a restaurant that serves my favorite dishes
  73. Learn Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, and other languages
  74. Become a public speaker
  75. Author several best-selling books and audios that positively influence society
  76. Be the most influential student of the leadership/personal development field
  77. Experience all the major leadership/personal development seminars/courses around the world
  78. Be highly recognized and influential via social media channels
  79. Receive sponsorships and endorsements from my favorite products and services
  80. Study, brainstorm, and mastermind with top academics in human relations and communication field
  81. Own a private jet to fly anywhere in the world
  82. Learn business strategy and human psychology from some of the greatest leaders in the world
  83. Visit beaches around the world and bbq
  84. Join a country club and socialize
  85. Attend social events more often
  86. Feed hungry children around the world
  87. Volunteer during a natural disaster
  88. Provide start-up capital for small businesses in developing nations
  89. Attend formal events and socialize with influential people
  90. Teach my children how to effectively communicate
  91. Learn how to effectively communicate and lead myself
  92. Learn to be a great listener and listen with empathy
  93. Serve as a consultant/mentor for business owners and businesses
  94. Provide my family with opportunities to educate themselves and develop as leaders
  95. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
  96. See the northern lights from Alaska
  97. Go salmon fishing in Alaska and eat lots of salmon
  98. Purchase property on a residence at sea ship, live there for a year, and document our journey
  99. Learn to ballroom dance with Wendy well
  100. Learn to invest in real estate
  101. Own real estate in various parts of the world
  102. My inspiring people will help those people to inspire others and spread like wild-fire
  103. Change the world for the better
  104. Help save someone’s life
  105. Be a hero
  106. Die with no regrets
  107. Give back go society
  108. Share knowledge

… this is a work in progress

If you made it this far, you must be pretty in to this wealth building exercise so I suggest you try it out for yourself. You don’t have to blog about it but you can simply write it on a piece of paper or a note-book. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

[Spend a day with Dr Demartini sharing all his wisdom about personal relationships with money and building wealth for a fraction of what you would normally spend. Use this code if you book, ENTCRAZY or ENTCRAZYvip at save 70% – there are only 7 crazy specials left so act fast. Click here to learn more and book.]


This is a post on the Social Leadership Development Blog by Paul Woolley.

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    1. Brian Walsh

      Yes Paul, we will have a variety of Johns books and audio around money and business. The Audio programe Paul refers to in the article (The Secret to Financial Success) will also be there for those who want to purchase it.

  1. Brian Walsh

    Couldn’t agree more Anthea. I get to work with many spcilists around money and wealth and I believe what John teaches is what every single person needs to hear, no mater where they are on the financial scale. We already have multi-millionaires, business owners, teachers, teenagers, housewives and senior executives coming.

  2. very inspiring and has taught me to look after my money.

    i used to spend money careless but now i know what i have spend for and how.

    thank you

  3. Yes, this is really me, Paul from, I wrote these blog posts about 8 months ago when I was just bouncing out of the lowest point in my entire life. This past weekend, I just earned my first $1,000 day in my blogging business. Needless to say, things have turned around, thanks in part to Dr. John Demartini’s teachings. I highly recommend his work! Much Gratitude and love Dr. Demartini!


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