How To Grow Those Developing Clients Into Big Retainer Clients

How To Grow Those Developing Clients Into Big Retainer Clients

In the Wild West days there used to be a saying…“there is gold in those hills.” In your Develop column of clients you will find real gold…you already have a relationship…you just have to “mine” it. Again, for easy use…just like in the previous blog article “Sure Fire Ways To Retain Your Best Clients” the blog article is done in bullet form. Let’s start with the Develop Client Description.

Develop Description

  • We have a small share of the potential business they could give us and there is lots of room for growth. Probably the majority of their business is most likely placed with competitors and they haven’t seen the benefits of awarding us more business
  • Relationships with the client  would most likely be at the “Exploration” and “Development” Stage
  • We need to dedicate a high level of energy and focus to develop and grow our “share of wallet” from this client (take from our competitors)

Develop Strategies / Tactics / Actions

  • Complete a comprehensive needs analysis / opportunity analysis on the Client Organisation.
  • Pro-actively look for every opportunity there is to convince the client to grow his/her amount of business with us.
  • Treat the AAA, AA, A category Develop Client as if they are already a AAA, AA, A category Retain Client  (Believe it & you’ll see it)
  • Through social and business activities, start developing more of a personal professional relationship.
  • Match up and mingle our management and key personnel with relative and/or related client personnel
  • See them frequently and continually present value added suggestions, ideas and solutions (Educational, personal, business building)
  • Provide a high level of service on the present business you are receiving. Impress them!
  • Have consistent follow-up with database selling tools, newsletter, thank you’s, e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Expand your contacts within the Client Organisation and deepen your relationships with them
  • Clarify who the main Power Players (Influencers) are and how to best influence them and keep that information up to date.

Review that present list of clients that you are only receiving a small share of their wallet and prioritize the ones that have the most potential for growth…then move to action. Planning alone won’t do it. Action creates clarity and remember 50% of success is just showing up!

The foundation of this blog article comes from Module 1 – Targeting The Right Clients of Bill Gibson’s 25 Module Complete Sales Action System.

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