How To “Win Back” Lost Clients

How To “Win Back” Lost Clients

Just apologizing or saying I’m sorry does not win back a client. This blog article is a follow-on to “Sure Fire Ways To Retain Your Best Clients” (Retain) and “How To Grow Those Develop Clients Into Big Retain Clients”. It will give you a list of strategies, tactics and actions that will help you “Win Back” or “Regain” previous clients. The blog article is in bullet form. Let’s start with the Regain Client Description.

Regain Description

  • We will have received a large, or small amount of business in the past and have not had on-going or follow-on business for a certain period of time
  • Past or lost relationships with the Client. We have to possibly start at, or below, ground zero and move the Client into the “Attraction” Stage and then on into the other Stages
  • Because of the business potential we recognise that it is worth a significant effort to try to Regain a share of the Client’s business

Regain Strategies / Tactics / Actions

  • Sincerely go to the Client with non-chargeable services and/or extra help to show your intent (extra mile)
  • Do an organogram of who the right people are, as it might have changed. Power Players & strategy
  • Invite to VIP functions once the mindset about us has become neutral or positive
  • Bring in Top Management to show our sincerity about regaining their business
  • Utilise success stories and mutual associates to help regain the Client’s confidence
  • Present new information; new management, new products, new technology, new services, new skills, etc.
  • Offer a “Door Opening” business gesture to spark their interest, or correct the past…a free trial on a product or service etc.
  • Apologise if appropriate and make it clear that we want their business
  • Continue with your frequency, even if their initial response is unforgiving
  • Even if you miss out on a couple of quotes continue with pursuing the business
  • Refer business to them in the spirit of rebuilding the relationship

This strategy is extremely important if your company has upset distributors or customers in recent months or years. These ideas can help gain back a loss of market share. Go for the AAA, AA, A Regain Clients first rather than the B’s and C’s.

The foundation of this blog article comes from Module 1 – Targeting The Right Clients of Bill Gibson’s 25 Module Complete Sales Action System.

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