Indonesian Startup eFishery Captures Get in the Ring International Finals in Rotterdam

Indonesian Startup eFishery Captures Get in the Ring International Finals in Rotterdam

Last Friday 21 November 2014, Indonesian startup eFishery won the International Final of Get in the Ring, the ‘Olympics for Startups’, in a tough battle to the finish in Rotterdam.

eFishery convinced the jury of four top investors, and an audience of over 1,000 people – who gathered in the iconic Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam’s new Unesco heritage site – that their ‘smart’ fish feeding system will change the world of aquaculture. eFishery’s fish feeding system is set to transform the lives of fish farmers by making fish feeding easier, more sustainable, and more efficient.

Preliminary National Finals in 64 countries followed up by Regional Finals, resulted in the ten finalists – selected out of 2,000 startups worldwide – battling in the international final of Get in the Ring (GITR), the world’s most exciting pitching competition. GITR puts startups against each other in five key elimination rounds.

eFishery proved to be a favorite with the voting audience as well as the four top investors who made up the jury, beating out such tough competitors as Dutch national winner SnappCar, and startups from the US, South Africa, Bolivia, Egypt, Denmark, Greece, Moldova and Morocco. eFishery Founder Gibran Chuzaefah Amsi El Farizy (25) was both ecstatic and overwhelmed with the startup’s win and confident that the exposure resulting from GITR will help him to make eFishery a success. Next to the honour of winning this international title, eFishery also took home a prize package worth €25,000, including the priceless potential to meet several top investors to help grow the company.

The International Final of Get in the Ring attracted over 1,000 visitors, including VIP guests from ING, BDO, APM Terminals and STC, and was watched by thousands of people around the world via livestream. Hendrik Halbe, Founder of Get in the Ring, expressed his pride about the event at the end of the evening: “This year we doubled the number of countries which participated in Get in the Ring, and we’ve connected many more startups with investors and launching customers. One great example is our partner APM Terminals, which is now collaborating with the winner of Get in the Ring Turkey, DriveMarvin.”

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