Dr John Demartini – Breakthrough Experience

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 T H E   B R E A K T H R O U G H
E X P E R I E N C E 

2 Inspiring Days. Where Leadership Begins.

The Breakthrough Experience is a two-day interactive seminar that has given people all over the world a new perspective on their challenges and helped to transform their lives. Created by Dr John Demartini, it is empowering and inspiring. It will teach you simple solutions for a more fulfilling, focused life. Whether you perceive that your challenges are rooted in fear, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, grief or anxiety, whether they are personal or professional, you will get the tools you need to deal with them at the Breakthrough Experience.

The Breakthrough Experience is about clarifying your direction and the most important goals.

Listen to the following clip where Dr. John Demartini explains how the Breakthrough Experience can assist you in overcoming relationship challenges.

  • determine what is really most important to you
  • change your perceptions to change your life
  • dissolve volatile emotions that are running your life
  • overcome your wealth-building limitations
  • deal with loss, grief, depression and anger
  • relieve tension and build stronger relationships
  • set, plan and achieve your desired goals
  • live an inspired, purposeful and meaningful life

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