Lessons from 2013

Lessons from 2013

After months of just not finding the right people to help me in my business, I was just about ripping my hair out with frustration – I couldn’t do more than I was currently doing, so how on earth would I expand and grow my business??

2 years ago when my company opened its doors – could manage on my old way of doing things – now I realised, not so much. If things don’t change – I am never going to expand and do all the things I dream of doing.

So I decided to shake up a few things – make some changes and having spent some time working with my international clients, I realised a few things needed to change in 2014:

  • Coaching and Mentoring. I got myself a coach, someone who has been through this before and can help me with the issues I am having (sometimes having someone completely objectively look at the situation and offer clear advice, while you are jumbled in the chaos and emotions of the situation is worth its weight in gold)
    Everyone is not always good at everything, that’s why my International speakers who offer coaching packages have a full board of coaches to select from – need marketing advice you get the marketing expert, once you have sorted out that situation and need to focus on your team, you move across to the team and relationship management coach – and so on and so on.
  • Who you hang out with, is who you become. I needed to associate with the type and kind of people that I aspired to be. Slowly my friends from my “old” life have dissipated – and I now have fewer friends, but the ones I do spend my time with enjoy talking about business growth and wealth creation, we mastermind and generate ideas, solve problems and share insights regarding our businesses. Much better than mindless gossip about boring things, in my view.
    In the words of one of my mentors, JT Foxx – “You should always be the brokest person in the room” – this is how you learn and move to the next level – not by hanging out with people in the same boat as you, and not by being surrounded by broke people that admire you. Why? Because you are not being challenged to grow. That’s it. Period.
  • Administration. I am terrible with admin and paperwork – I will be the first person to tell you this – however when I employ people I always tend to be attracted to energies the same as mine (Creator Energy – visit www.wealthdynamics.com to discover yours), which wasn’t helping me at all – because they have the exact same shortcomings as myself – leading to frustration on both parts.
    I need someone who is low energy and is happy to sit and capture things, file things – and generally support me by managing this side of the business – freeing me up to do the things I am good at.
  • Delegating. Another short coming of mine – I try to do everything myself – which leads to balls being dropped, frustrated clients etc – you have to get people in to your business that you can trust, that you teach, and who will pick up and run with your stuff. Lesson for 2014 – let it go, and trust.
  • Website. Does this truly reflect what you do? Is it spunky enough to make someone click on to another page beside the home page?
    Upon some reflection my site was rather generic. It didn’t really encapsulate what I do – what my niche was – International Speaker Management. So I changed some things – moved stuff around – made a really cool Animoto video for the home page (yes its free!!!) just go to www.animoto.com to make your own one, and made my site reflect exactly what I do. Check it all out on www.haikuproductions.co.za
  • Read and Learn. I cannot stress this enough. READ. LEARN. There is so much material online available at no cost that you can go and soak your brain in to make you better at your business – use it.
    I download free webinars and talks on to my computer – and listen to one regularly – take notes on points that are of interest to me – and put them on my To Do List.
    The power of a good old fashioned book should also not be underestimated – my new rule – no more computer in bed – before I close my eyes each night I read something, even if it’s a few pages – this should be the last information going in to my head at night – and its surprising what I wake up feeling like in the morning. Energised, sometimes with brand new ideas and plans just begging to be formulated!
  • To Do List – no more pieces of paper fluttering around – I run my list online now. When it’s done I remove it and add on more stuff every day. This is always open on my desk top – and I work of it religiously – this helps Creators like me make sure we don’t get sidetracked with other things. If it’s not on the list I don’t do it. If it’s important it goes on the list for after I am finished with my current task. And so I work through everything one by one – it’s quite nice at the end of the day to be able to look at all the things you have crossed off – and go “wow – I have made a huge step towards achieving my goals today.”
  • Pat yourself on the back on occasion. You are awesome, and you are making it happen. That deserves some kudos – especially from yourself.

I hope somehow that the things I have learnt this year can offer some solutions to you, or even at least get you thinking on a few things for your own business.

Here’s to an amazingly prosperous and growth filled 2014 for us all.

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