Look who JT is bringing to South Africa…

This is a personal message from JT Foxx and a group of people on there way to South Africa to teach you amazing things as part of JT Foxx’s free World Tour events. Just watch this video and hear what Wayne Allyn Root has to say… If you can’t watch video, see who Wayne is at bottom of page. He will be live with JT for the C7 Business Model events.

These events are 100% free (optional donation to charity when you register)


Media across the globe calls Wayne Allyn Root “the Capitalist Evangelist.” Wayne is a former Presidential candidate, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, a Libertarian-conservative speaker, political personality and national media superstar. He is the ultimate Capitalist Evangelist: a blue-collar S.O.B. (son of a butcher) turned Ivy Leaguer, CEO, serial entrepreneur, champion of small business, and defender of capitalism.

Wayne is today a talk show host, #1 national bestselling author (in the categories of Finance, Economics, and Conservative Politics), business speaker, and TV/radio commentator. He is a regular guest on Fox News Channel, as well as hundreds of national and local radio shows across the USA, with over 1000 media appearances annually.

Wayne’s opinions reach tens of millions of Americans as a regular columnist and commentator for many of the most popular political and business web sites- including FoxNews.com, TheBlaze.com, Newsmax.com, TownHall.com, DailyCaller.com, Breitbart.com, PersonalLiberty.com, and many more. He also writes regularly for The Washington Times. He is the best-selling author of eight books- including his latest “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.”

His opinions have been quoted in Time magazine (multiple times), Forbes magazine, Fortune magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Robb Report, Millionaire magazine, Worth magazine, CNN/Money, Equities, and many others.

But Wayne is a businessman first and foremost. He runs multiple businesses, and serves as CEO or spokesman for numerous national and international companies. Wayne also serves as Senior Economic Advisor and serves on numerous Boards of Directors.

Wayne is also well known in the television and media industries. Wayne started his career as an anchorman and host of five shows for CNBC (then known as Financial News Network). He has hosted, starred and produced many television shows. Today he is a producer of the highest-rated television show on Travel Channel.

As a speaker, Wayne presents business keynote addresses at business conferences and conventions across the globe. He has spoken in UK, Italy, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and many other locations to business crowds as big as 10,000. His biggest political audience was a speech to over 40,000 at a Tea Party event in Dallas, Texas. Wayne is the opening speaker at “FreedomFest” to a crowd of over 2500 investors from across the globe for the third consecutive year in July 2013. Wayne was also honored to be an invited speaker at CPAC 2013, the biggest conservative event of the year in Washington DC.

Because of his success in the diverse fields of business, media, sports, entertainment, and publishing, Wayne was awarded his own 180-pound granite star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Only 50 legends in the history of Las Vegas have ever received a star on Las Vegas Blvd. Wayne joins Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton, Liberace, Dean Martin, along with other Vegas legends. Wayne’s star can be viewed in front of New York New York Resort. The star calls Wayne, “The King of Vegas.” Today Wayne serves on the Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Walk of Stars- the only star recipient to also sit on the Board.

A native New Yorker and graduate of prestigious Columbia University, this capitalist evangelist proudly resides in Nevada, a state with zero personal & business income tax. He is proud to be the only Nevadan to ever run on a major U.S. Presidential ticket. He was appointed by the Governor of Nevada to the Judicial Selection Commission in 2010.


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  1. Brandon Tancott

    Epic… fantastic, really a great example of how entrepreneur.co.za connects some of the most powerful movers in business in the world, with the everyday entrepreneur on the streets.

    Educate, Inspire & Connect!

  2. The Best of Nothing.

    Failure deleted among options available.

    To be the best stay with the best only.

    Thank you Mr Walsh, see you again tomorrow and Friday.


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