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Maintaining a High Performing Team

Maintaining a High Performing Team

I was asked last week to facilitate a session for managers on maintaining a high performing team. As it happened they brought their team with them and I was impressed straightaway that despite the organisation being hierarchical that the team itself operated on a flat structure with great open communication and despite stretching performance targets, they were clearly enjoying each other and each others contributions to their overarching objectives.

This brought home to me that in any team environment a happy working culture is paramount for that team’s success. So much so that during the whole morning I was with them, humour was never far away. As a consequence and despite being made to work hard in facilitated workshops we created great ideas and a lengthy list of actions for the managers to take away and work on for improving and streamlining their work. We were also able to discover original thinking which is always a joy for a Coach. I was truly impressed and we agreed that bringing a team together that operates around the country geographically is so important. The senior leader agreed that this should be done more often in a process of relationship review and goal alignment so that a culture of continuous improvement is maintained.

So in summary – This high performing team were built around:

  • mutual respect and understanding of each others roles and responsibilities.
  • a willingness to listen and be listened to.
  • a flat structure where managers maintain process but their leadership engenders trust and confidence.
  • a sense of humour that lightens the mood and fosters engagement.
  • an acceptance that teams are a sum of their parts and no one person can be good at everything.
  • a team spirit that isn’t phased by stretching demands and targets and welcomes the opportunity to show how good they are.
  • a healthy competitiveness with each other and with other parts of the organisation.
  • a willingness to support each other to achieve objectives.

A great set of values for a high performing team!!

Author: Gareth Bryon for LinkedIn Pulse


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