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#MandelaDay 2015

#MandelaDay 2015

This Friday, the REAL TEAM set out to donate 67 minutes of our time for #MandelaDay. This year, we decided to donate blood for our 67 minutes of a selfless act.

Currently, the SANBS has a blood shortage, and it costs us nothing to donate our blood, only our time. So we decided that this would be a great mission for our #MandelaDay.

The REAL TEAM is so diverse that we had first time donars, people who donate frequently and some members who can’t donate for medical reasons, but came with for moral support. The TEAM really bonded, and learnt a lot about blood, each other and what biscuits are the most delicious at SANBS Fourways.

From my side personally, I’d like to thank everyone from the TEAM who made the time to come with on Friday, and a special congratulations to those who donated and helped saved a life. You guys made my #MandelaDay a special one.

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