MII August 2013 – Review

This event is almost beyond words. They say T Harv and his team are the best in the world, and they sure did not disappoint in their first Millionaire Mind Intensive in South Africa, from 9 to 11 August 2013.

I have attend hundreds of events all over the world but I can honestly say this is probably the best. It is not an event, it is a life changing experience. Whatever you do, do not miss this opportunity if it comes again.

It was a privilege to attend, participate and witness hundreds of people from our community, including many good friends and associates, transforming their lives. Regardless of where they were, some are millionaires, some are just starting out, some are really stuck in their lives, but all experienced a massive impact.

Well done to T Harv Eker and his team and a special thank you to the amazing Success Resources team for bringing this to South Africa.

NOW – There is a second Millionaire Mind Intensive taking place in September. It is already almost sold out so I don’t care where you are or how far you have to travel, just get your tickets NOW.

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  1. This is without exaggeration, the best and most life changing event I have ever attended. I am so grateful to Brian and the people responsible for making this happen. If you you don’t take the opportunity to attend this when it comes again, you will be making a huge mistake.

  2. Brilliant, life-changing, the best there is. T Harv and Doug are people sent from heaven to save us. I life has changed and I can feel that I am a different person already. WOW!

  3. absolutely brilliant course, changed the way i think about the attachments to money and and other aspects of my life! Thank you Doug, Harv and Melanie, Quantum Leap, here we come!

  4. I feel so disappointed that I was unable to attend however, come rain or shine i will definitely be there for the September session!!!!!

  5. What an exhausting, exhilarating, empowering, mind changing 3 days, at the end of which my beliefs about money and what it means in my life where completely changed. Beliefs ingrained in me from childhood where systematically washed away during the training making way for a new Millionaire mindset ready for financial freedom. Thank you Brian for making sure I got there! Thank you Harv, Doug and Melanie for a wonderful 1000% 3 days.


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