If You Had a Million Dollars

If You Had a Million Dollars

I saw a movie a few years ago that had a very funny scene. One of the characters asked the other what he would do if he had a million dollars. He replied, “Nothing…. If I had a million dollars, I would just relax all day long and enjoy myself.” Another guy chimed in and seriously stated, “Hey, you don’t need a million dollars to do that. . . just look at my cousin. . . he’s flat broke and he doesn’t do a thing but sit there all day long.”

I think I laughed about that for an hour and it just caused me to smile again.

Although the line in the movie was a joke, it illustrates a truth of life. Whatever it is that you wish to do, do it! Why wait? Seriously, why put off your dreams until tomorrow or until you get all your ducks in a row. Guess what? The ducks of life sometimes have a mind of their own and tend to wander a lot. You may never get all your ducks in a row.

I have been a professional speaker since I was 20. When I was 27, I was speaking with a woman and she said, “I am 59 years old and by the time I am 65 I would like to have my master’s degree and be working as a professional speaker.”

I looked at her perplexed as I inquired, “Why in the world are you going to wait until you are 65 and have a degree? I am 27 years old with no degree and I am speaking tomorrow!” You could tell that my statement shattered her reality and she had no response.

This woman was waiting to pursue her dream until everything was just perfect. Until she had everything that she thought she needed to ensure maximum success when in reality the greatest thing that she could have done is simply move in the direction of what she desires.

The greatest resistor of human dreams is the “if I had a million dollars” attitude. Individuals dream that if they had a million dollars, they could pursue their vision. No they wouldn’t! If you don’t pursue your vision when you are broke, when you grasp a million, you will create another reason why it isn’t possible. Or if you are one of the few who would actually live their dreams if you had a million dollars, what is the probability that you are going to save a million dollars?

Ever heard this train of thought?

Once I get out of high school, I am going to see the world and travel. . .
Once I finish college, I am going to see the world and travel. . .
Once I get married, I am going to travel with my spouse. . .
After our kids are older, we are going to see the world and travel. . .
When our kids get out of high school, we are going to see the world and travel. . .
As soon as we retire, we are going to see the world and travel. . .
Now, I am out of school, kids are gone and I am retired—if I was younger and my health was better, I would see the world and travel. . .

Don’t wait. . .

Many questions of life are complicated and unclear. Yet the question of whether you should pursue your dream or wait until you have a million dollars is as clear as the waters of Fiji. You are not promised tomorrow. You are not promised a million dollars. Pursue your dream today and inch closer or it will remain equally as distant as the pages of your life near the final chapter.

Written by Ron White

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