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The One Time It’s Perfectly Ok To Not Hustle

The One Time It’s Perfectly Ok To Not Hustle

So, how do you hustle when you’re sick?

Answer: you don’t.

This might surprise a lot of you, especially coming from me. I’m always on, always working. My day is booked solid with three minute meetings and pitches and recording my YouTube show, the #AskGaryVee Show. But being sick is an exception to the rule.

There is this stigma that showing up at work even when you’re ill shows dedication. Motivation. Well, it doesn’t. It’s actually just kind of gross. It’s gross for your co-workers, and not so fun for you too, I’m betting (one quick Twitter search for “vaynerplague”, and you’ll see what I’m talking about). Then there’s the other kind of hustler. They stay home, but they still want to work. Be online all day. Take that call even with a cough. You know the drill.

I just want to say: stop.

When you’re sick, you’re sick. Let it happen. Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it. It’s the same idea as getting sleep. There are some times that are just for one thing, and that is resting.

And believe me, you can make up for it. Don’t stress too much about “losing” those two or three days you were bed ridden, because if anything, it should only make you hungrier to come back with fire. Because it’s not about how many hours you are awake, ready to go, alert. It’s what you do with those hours.

Now, what can you do to keep from getting sick? Make sure nothing interrupts your flow? Well, I have a couple ideas. I give major props to my wife Lizzie for making me get into the habit of washing my hands more. But one thing that really works for me? I stay focused. I think I’ve maybe been sick once in the past eleven years. And you know what? I take over a hundred flights a year, and we all know what a mess those can be. In my twenties, I got sick a lot more. But I’m a different person now. I work more. I work harder. I work faster. I don’t let distractions get in my way. Not to mention I have seriously upped my health with a new diet and regular workouts.

So the bottom line is this: take care of yourself. Always. Be healthy. Rest. I’ll never tell you to work till you collapse. Just make good work when you are working. And when you’re sick, be sick. Seriously. You’ll be happier for it (and so will your co-workers).

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