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Dear Younger Me: 4 Smart Things That Would Have Changed My Small Business Life

Running a business was exciting at first. I felt the freedom of controlling my own destiny while working with my closest friends, daydreaming about the next big breakthrough and planning for the day that financial freedom would finally arrive. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the constant state of struggle and hardship that lay ahead. And as…

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This Trait Distinguishes The Best Entrepreneurs

A range of personality types can find massive success in Silicon Valley. There are power players like Uber cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick known for being aggressive and outspoken, and those like Twitter cofounder and Medium founder and CEO Ev Williams known for working defensively and avoiding the spotlight. Lowercase Capital investor Chris Sacca has worked closely with both Kalanick and Williams,…

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The Reason Disney Ceo Bob Iger Loves Working With Startups

The Walt Disney Company is all about the future. Back in 1937, Disney released the first-ever animated feature film: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. In 1995, Disney-Pixar released Toy Story, the first-ever computer animated movie. Just this past weekend, Disney released Tomorrowland, a love letter to classic science fiction that urged viewers to look forward, based on…

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5 Negative Business Situations & How To Turn Them Around

**Please Note: This article contains language that some may find offensive** 1. You got rejected If you’re in any part of the world of business, rejection is just something you are going to run into. It’s inevitable. People will want to challenge you and question your ideas, and you should welcome that. It is absolutely…

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