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My Mentors Told Me to Take an HR Role Even Though I Was an Engineer. They Were Right.

Meetings can sometimes be intimidating when you’re young, or new to a team. You want to speak up, but fear can hold you back. That happened to me early in my career. Fortunately, a manager was watching, and pulled me aside afterward. He suggested I work on being more vocal in meetings and confidently express…

3:30 min

How A Solid Fitness Plan Can Boost Your Career

If you’re stuck in a career rut, you’ve probably explored multiple options. Maybe you started looking for new positions or promotion opportunities. Maybe you enhanced your résumé and practiced a few interview skills. Maybe you’ve gone as far as trying to find satisfaction elsewhere, giving up on finding it through your job. What if there…

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This Flowchart Can Help You Figure Out Your Ideal Career Based On Your Personality

A lot of conversations about work revolve around how much you do or don’t like your current job. There’s a reason why people usually feel one extreme or another — and it has a lot to do with whether your position fits your personality. And folks, we’re talking about more than Type A versus Type B here. Whether you’re just…

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