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If This Guy Made $1M Wearing T-shirts and Selling his Name, What’s Holding You Back?

If this guy can make over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts, selling his last name, and writing a book, what’s holding you back? Jason SurfrApp (formerly Jason Headsetsdotcom and Jason Sadler) has been dubbed “the king of sponsorships.” He’s had everything sponsored from his t-shirt, his last name, a couple road trips, a fitness challenge, and most…

10 Fearless Questions Every Successful Person Asks Themselves

You know what success means to you, you’ve set your goals for the year, and you’re committed to making them happen. Congratulations. Or maybe you haven’t done any of the above, but you still want to make 2015 your most successful year to date. Whatever situation you are in, I’ve got ten tough questions you must…

South African Multi-Billion Dollar Entrepreneur gives Advice

Elon Musk (click to read his full story here) –  is something like a phenomenon, best known for having invented the first viable production electric car of the modern era (Tesla Roadster), for designing a private successor to the Space Shuttle (F9/Dragon) and creating the world’s largest Internet payment system (PayPal) all before the age of 40.…

Charity starts at home

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