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This Tech CEO Has 4 Power Steps For Entrepreneur Resilience

Developing true resilience is vital for female tech entrepreneurs, in order to overcome the many daily obstacles they face. Erika Trautman, co founder and chief executive of interactive video platform Rapt Media, knows the importance of resilience all too well – having developed her own business in a tough climate with female CEOs – and has shared…

2 min

One Of Silicon Valley’s Top Angel Investors Explains The 4 Things He Looks For In An Entrepreneur

Naval Ravikant is one of the most respected and successful angel investors in Silicon Valley. He’s invested in well over 100 startups, including several “unicorns” that went on to become huge companies like Twitter and Uber. He is also the founding CEO of AngelList, a resource for entrepreneurs and angels to find each other and make deals.…

2:30 min

The 5 Great Advantages of Being a Solopreneur

Have you been at work, sitting in your cubicle dreaming of the day you can be your own boss? Oh, the amazing days you’ll have, free from managers, supervisors and team leaders, all pushing you to meet goals and expectations that aren’t quite realistic. You aren’t the only one staring at the walls of a tiny, little…

4 min

What No One Ever Tells You About Being the Boss

Mention you’re about to start a business and you’ll get plenty of advice. Everyone you know will suddenly turn into an expert on financing, marketing and sales strategies, and technology and innovation. But what you won’t hear is what it’s like to be a CEO, even if you’re the CEO of no one but yourself. Knowing the buck truly…

3 min

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, is it nature or nurture that’s most important? Lyndon Wood, the founder of insurance business Moorhouse Group, is convinced it’s the former. Business education is over-rated, Wood suggests as he launches a new TV show, Fortune Hunters, aimed at British entrepreneurs. Wood should know – he’s estimated to be worth £16m,…

2 min

This is the Biggest Mistake a Young Entrepreneur Can Make

A common question I get all the time: what is the biggest mistake young entrepreneurs are making? They’re building businesses that only work during the best-case market scenarios. Let me back up and explain a bit. There are also so many incredible young entrepreneurs out there right now. I don’t want to sit up here…

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