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What 8 Tech Billionaires Were Doing In Their 20’s

What were you doing during your 20s? Probably attending a college or university, enjoying your youth, and having new experiences away from home. Many of technology’s most notable billionaires were doing no such thing. Michael Dell for instance was already investing in stocks and precious metals before he graduated high school. During their early years, Dell…

This Simple Strategy Could Propel You To The Top Of Your Field

The notion of becoming the best in your field might seem intimidating — even absurd. Just think about all the similarly qualified, motivated people trying to make an impact with their ideas and insights. How could you ever stand out among them? While this might seem like a downright defeatist attitude, these thoughts could mark the first step to extraordinary professional success, since practically…

Successful People Aren’t Afraid To Say “No”

Saying “no” is tough, especially when you feel like it makes you less valuable. If you can’t perform the task requested, you’re no longer needed. If you pass up opportunities, you might miss out. Being needed, especially in business, can provide a sense of purpose you crave in your career. We all like to be…

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GM CEO Mary Barra Reveals What She Wishes She’d Known in Her 20’s

When Mary Barra became the CEO of General Motors in January 2014, she became the first woman to lead a major automaker. Breaking the glass ceiling, however, was far less nerve-wracking than trying to reinvent post-bailout GM. Just months into the role of chief executive, Barra was tasked with leading her company through a federal investigation regarding…

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