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Your Incredibly Hard Job Could Have A Surprising Benefit For Your Health

Days spent crunching numbers or reviewing manuscripts could drive you crazy — but could also protect you from cognitive decline later in life. That’s according to new research, which suggests jobs that involve certain kinds of challenging mental tasks can boost memory and thinking years down the road. The study, led by Francisca Then, Ph.D., at…

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5 Morale Boosters That Kept a Dying Business Afloat Until It Finally Thrived

Sometimes in business winning is simply staying in the game through countless losses until you win the big victory. That is exactly what Brian Young, CEO of Home Painters Toronto, discovered: “It’s a mind game and mental battle from start to end and never gets easier,” he said. Brian was named the 2015 Small Business ICON by Infusionsoft for…

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5 Negative Business Situations & How To Turn Them Around

**Please Note: This article contains language that some may find offensive** 1. You got rejected If you’re in any part of the world of business, rejection is just something you are going to run into. It’s inevitable. People will want to challenge you and question your ideas, and you should welcome that. It is absolutely…

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