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Here’s The Leadership Strategy Nike’s CEO Uses To Make Employees Smarter

In a recent profile of Nike CEO Mark Parker, Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky reported that Parker is notorious for constantly asking questions that push employees to think harder. Fortune quoted Andy Campion, Nike’s chief financial officer: “What’s fascinating about [Parker’s] use of questions is that it leaves other leaders empowered to find the answers themselves and act on…

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Employee Perks That Don’t Break the Bank

It’s easy to get discouraged when you hear about giant companies offering employees drool-worthy benefits. After all, can you really afford to give a whole year of paid parental leave, as Netflix recently did? If you can’t, that means you’re like most companies. For small, cash-constrained businesses, it’s just not possible to offer to freeze employees’ eggs (Apple), or…

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5 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Pipeline

The strength of your current and future talent is a great predictor of your business’s success. So, here are 5 simple steps to ensure you build your talent pipeline. Research continues to show that companies who invest in their own talent create greater returns for their shareholders. One example is a Hewitt Associates study that…

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Richard Branson: How To Find The Right People For Your Business

Handing your business over to someone else is a challenge that every entrepreneur will experience to some extent during their career. But how do you manage that to make sure that the right person is running your business? “Ensuring that someone else can eventually run the business that you’re building depends on one key thing,” according…

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10 Skills That Set Exceptional Employees Apart

A recent international study surveyed more than 500 business leaders and asked them what sets great employees apart. The researchers wanted to know why some people are more successful than others at work, and the answers were surprising; leaders chose “personality” as the leading reason. Notably, 78% of leaders said personality sets great employees apart,…

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3 Preventable Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

The majority of reasons that make an employee decide to leave a company have to do with the company itself. There are some reasons that are out of a company’s control but these are the exception, not the rule. An employee’s reason for leaving a company is usually something within the company’s control. It’s just…

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