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GM CEO Mary Barra Shares 5 Characteristics Of Exceptional Job Candidates

The road to transforming transportation begins with hiring the best people and empowering them to succeed. “If there are obstacles preventing you from doing your best,” I’ve often told our team, “then you’d better be in my office jumping up and down.” This industry’s future is in the hands of change agents and risk takers…

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If Your Job Doesn’t Make You Feel These 6 Things, Then You Should Quit

People need to work. And I’m not talking about a base need, like keeping a roof over your head and food on your table. The only reason any of that is necessary is because society requires it. The systems we operate under certainly aren’t necessary or ideal. But they exist. But people work for a more important reason. They need to…

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Your Incredibly Hard Job Could Have A Surprising Benefit For Your Health

Days spent crunching numbers or reviewing manuscripts could drive you crazy — but could also protect you from cognitive decline later in life. That’s according to new research, which suggests jobs that involve certain kinds of challenging mental tasks can boost memory and thinking years down the road. The study, led by Francisca Then, Ph.D., at…

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Work Smarter Not Harder – 17 Great Tips

In Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself he closes the book with a long, excellent list of “Work Smarter Not Harder” type advice for people who want to start working for themselves. Frankly, the list is so good I think everyone would benefit from it. Below are my favorites. Make a “to don’t” list. Another…

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