The 3 Strategies That Make the Rich Richer and You Poorer (Part 2)

The 3 Strategies That Make the Rich Richer and You Poorer (Part 2)

Last week I shared the 1st strategy which was Manage Your Resources and over 40 000 people read it so clearly it made an impact. This week I will share strategy #2 which is, believe it or not, the strategy above all others that wealthy people use.

Studies have shown that 86% of all wealthy people practice this critical strategy and less than 5% of the rest of the people (poor people) practice it. But amazingly it does not involve money but rather just persistence and discipline.

This strategy is…

STRATEGY #2 – Continuous Education and Self Development.

I went from struggling for 20 years in various businesses to achieving unbelievable success through this strategy. I have the privilege of knowing many wealthy people, even some Billionaires and they have all said this is a critical strategy to become successful, but more importantly, to stay successful.

Now I know a lot of you might say, “I am committed to continuous education and self-development. I read and learn all the time, why am I not successful?”

Well lets first define “committed to continuous education and self-development” as wealthy people see it and do it.

If you want to shift something in your life, like how much money you earn (lets be clear, not earning a little more, but how to earn a LOT more), then you need to go out and learn everything you can about making more money, managing money and creating wealth.

The first problem is do you have absolute conviction towards doing this and will you commit to everything you can? Like – Read 20 books (over and over), listen to every audio you can get your hands on (over and over), attend seminars, ask advice (from wealthy people, not your poor friends), model what wealthy people do, have a coach to hold you accountable. I MEAN EVERYTHING!

Now maybe you realize this is not as easy as just reading a book.

Here are the 3 keys to mastering this strategy and ensuring it gives you results.

#1 Be Clear about your outcome, Know it HAS TO change and don’t stop until you achieve it.

You need absolute conviction towards changing an outcome in your life. Start by writing down what you absolutely refuse to tolerate in your life anymore. What you have been settling for but have now had enough of and you have to change. What you aspire to become by not accepting this and having to have this new standard in your life. Then go learn everything you possibly can on achieving this new standard.

My example was when I got to the age 42. I had promised myself that by the time I reached 40 I would be in the best financial state of my life. I turned 40 and nothing had changed so then I said “in my fortieth year” instead of when I turned 40. But when I got into my 41st year and was approaching 42 and I was still not any better off financially, I got mad with myself. I realized something had to change because what I was doing was not working. I was sick of accepting the way it was. I wanted it different. I had to make it different.

I read every book, listen to audio every day and attended every seminar I could on how to become wealthy. I even went for hypnotherapy, counselling and a Neuro Linguistic Programming intervention. I did not stop until I looked back and realized I was wealthy.

It works but you have to have absolute conviction and persist until you reach your goal.

#2 There is no such thing as too much, but use your brain!

I often hear, “Brian, I have information overload”. “I need to take a break to implement what I have learned”. “There is too much out there”. LISTEN, Unless your life has changed in a major way, you do not stop.

BUT, use your brain. Do not just get sucked up into every event or product that promises you an outcome. The common mistake is the get-rich-quick BS you go for. Everyone wants a quick solution but it never happens. There is no get-rich-quick scheme that actually works.

Be selective but also be open minded. Don’t let your little voice dictate that you already know something or you have heard this before. Also make sure that rich people are teaching you if you are trying to change your financial outcomes, rather than poor people who try get rich by teaching you how to be rich.

Use your brain and “gut” to make good decisions but DO NOT STOP until you have reached the higher standard you are after.

#3 Success is far more about who you become than what you do.

Since I achieved financial success (and success in other areas of my life), people keep asking me what I do differently. My answer is always the same – NOTHING. I do exactly the same as when I was ‘poor’. I am just a different person who now accepts success in my life.

Focus on developing yourself. If you are not wealthy it is because you are not a person ready to accept wealth.

Unfortunately it is not about what you think in your conscious mind but rather the conditioning in your subconscious mind. You have to sort out the inner game to succeed in the outer game. Dedicate a big chunk of your time and resource on self education and personal growth to focusing on yourself and your inner game.

I promise you, THIS IS KEY to this strategy working.

So once again, this is the #1 strategy for achieving wealth and success in life. It is the most common strategy and habit of wealthy people in the world and it is not just about doing it until you achieve success, it is about committing to it for life.

These words can never be truer… Those who need it the least, do it the most. Those who need it the most, do it the least.

Go learn and never stop!

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  1. Doing the reading, learning, connecting the open road is filled with possibilities.Like a matrix our lives are there to fill as desired.

  2. Thank you “real success team”
    In reaching every goal one has to constantly stay on it and improvize conceptualise,anylise,decision maker,interpersonal and technical changes on who one has to become in order to succeed and be wealthy.

  3. Hi Brain,

    i totally agree with you whaen you say that we need to believe in oneself

    wityh this one can achieve everything in live and not only monetary issues but general satisfaction in life

    the startegy works and is a GOOD one to folllow

  4. Ollie

    Thanks once again Brian for shaking some of us out of our slumber. I am currently on a long journey to self-transformation and I seem to have the same goal pre-40 that you had. There are surely lessons from your story in that regard. It’s amazing how we easily change our words without changing our actions much.

  5. Thanks so much Brian for so generously sharing your knowledge the way you do! I attended your free workshop in cape town earlier this year and found it to be absolutely inspiring and amazing. How does one go about finding a mentor or coach?

    Thanks again for the powerful transformational work that you do.

  6. Thank you MR Walsh,it is always good to gather such information as a young man that just got into business,from these strategies iv learned quite a lot and will apply most of the knowledge I got and hopefully some day my business will see a great success,Thank you!

  7. I have been failing in life because of this No 1 strategy. I have now learned, and let me start anew since there is still a chance to succeed. Thanks a lot!!!!

  8. Eugene Charles Otieno · Edit

    your strategy on self development and knowledge is just the way for young entrepreneurs and quiet empowering and with the right discipline its worked for me.thanks.


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