The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life

Im sitting in London and the weather has been amazing, The hotel has been amazing and the overall experience has been amazing. My whole team is at the 4-day Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” event that will finish up today (Monday, 24 March 2014). I spent the first day with them and I want to share a key concept that Tony teaches and that has been profound in my life. In fact it is so powerful it can instantly transform your own life.

The concept is simply that the everything in your life is only as relevant as the meaning you give it. You choose what meaning you give every circumstance and everything that happens to you.

What you must realize is that so often you give disempowering meanings to things that could be empowering. You see a girlfriend or boyfriend breaking up with you as sad and painful instead of an opportunity for someone better to come into your life. You see a failure to close a deal as a loss instead of an opportunity to get the better or more relevant deal. You see being in debt as a painful reality instead of the motivation to get you out of debt.

It doesnt matter what happens, it just matters what meaning you give to what happens.


This is a major problem in the world because we are inundated with ‘tragic’ stories through the media and we just talk about all the things that are wrong in our lives. The reason we do this is to avoid our own challenges and to fill our ‘memory bank’ with hundreds of reasons why we cannot succeed. Reasons out of our control. It just becomes a vicious circle.

What we need to understand is that it is our choice as to what meaning we give things. This power of choice is profound beyond measure. You can instantly take control of your life by adjusting the meaning you give to what has happened and what will happen in the future.

I believe it was Maslow who said, “no matter how thin you slice it, there are always 2 sides”. Stop looking at the disempowering side and ask, what is the other side? What is the blessing in this problem or failure? I cannot emphasize this enough – this will change your life.

Practical Steps:

If you want to transform your life instantly, do this:

  1. Write down all the challenges and negative circumstances that have happened or are happening to you right now.

  2. Then look at each one and ask how this can serve you instead of hindering you. Write down as many reasons as you can how this will benefit you or others.

I know some of you will read this and think it is rubbish. You will allow your little voice in your head to convince you that whatever happened to you cannot serve you and you have no control of it.

So let me end by asking a simple question, if you have no control of what happens to you, who does? Think about it? Are you willing to surrender your life to ‘others’ control or are you prepared to take control back.

All you have to do is change the meaning you give things.

Trust me, IT WORKS!


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  1. Great piece.I have always tried to live a positive life ever since I attended a John Kaue seminar in the early nineties where he spoke about the power of beliefs, visualisation ,seeding. It is so true that in every problem there lies an opportunity in every disadvantage there is an advantage

  2. Am happy you guys are enjoying the seminar and wonderful of you to take the team with. Its the “glasses” we have on that determines how we view and process situations. What is sad is that most us do not know or are aware we are wearing glasses and worse, that the colour of the lenses are mostly not of our own making. The colour is usually borrowed from our past and so we see everything in a certain shade, we need to see things as we want our future to be, we need new colours for our lenses.

    1. I literally had sun glasses made with rose coloured lenses.i wear them daily and they are a constant reminder that life is viewed as we wish to view it.

    1. Dear Vera

      I don’t know exactly how to answer your question since everybody ignored it. I don’t know what it is like loosing a child but I have suffered severe loss when I walked out( or to be exact, kicked out of a house I shared with my partner) of a relationship. I had absoluty nothing. No job, no furniture, nothing. I have never been more embarrassed in my life having to move into an apartment that I ended up sharing with my sister.
      My point is this, I thought I lost everything. I was literally starting my life over from scratch. I think a lot of people thought I was going to end up in a mental institution. I was never so lonely, desperate and afraid in my life every.
      I started listening to Tony’s “Get the Edge” and everyday I had to find things to be grateful for.

      I am not making comparisons but I am saying, look at the things in your life that are good and find a reason to be grateful and to keep on living. I too am a parent and I don’t know what it feels like to loose a child to death. You have to find the magic in everyday, I promise its there. I have had no money to buy food, I had no money to put petrol in my car and yet I would go on walks and listen to Tony and I would get inspired and I would find the magic.
      I reprogrammed my mind and the thoughts I would put into my head. I would find things to be grateful for.

      It took me 8 months to find a job, I have never been so destitute before. I remember the one day I got a call from a company that I interviewed for and I did not get the job, I had an emotional break down in the middle of the street. It was scary.

      You have to find that magic. After I got my head straightened out, I spoke into existence my current life.

      I now have a job, I am building a new body, I have set new goals for myself and I have met someone again………life is good but if it wasn’t for my headspace that I needed to work on I might have been worse off.

      I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all. I still have my challenges. I face them head on.
      Just know that there is always something to be greatful for, good health, life, friends, family, caring for others. The blessing of a warm bed and good food might sound cliché but I realised in my time of despair how many homeless people there are.

      If you can feel and touch and smell and taste and you are alive you are already blessed more than most people, it’s just for you to find that magic……and you will. 🙂

    2. Brian Walsh

      Hi Vera, Im sorry for your loss. I have not lost a child thank God, but I lost my best friend when I was 11 to a freak accident, my mom when I was 17 to alcohol related illness, another good friend to suicide when I was 18 and another dear friend to a freak accident when I was 19. Death and I had a fairly good relationship when I was younger.

      The only words of comfort I can share is that whatever the circumstances of death and loss, always ask how you can honour the persons life through your own. What could you become to honour your child’s life.

      My daughter who is now 9, moved to the USA with her mom in 2010 and it was honestly one of the hardest things I had to deal with. I loved her so much and now I would only see her once a year and miss her affection and love that I so craved.

      The up side became the freedom it gave me to go and do amazing things with my life. I have an incredibly close relationship with Kayla and now see her often twice a year and because of her I travel to the US, do amazing things there, see my brother more often and have a huge impact on hundreds of thousands of peoples lives.

      How can you honour your child’s life by being so much more in their name. Live life to the fullest and achieve amazing things. Touch peoples lives and know your success and greatness was spurred on by your child’s loss.

      I wish you well.

    3. Wow Vera this is something I don’t think any parent ever wants to face in their lives – it’s probably one of my deepest fears. I lost my husband of 12 years in a tragic car accident 7 years ago, and I know that his parents still cannot come to terms with it. Nobody should have to bury their child. Something that has always given me peace however, and it might help to answer your question, is that we all choose to come and spend time here on earth. We choose the people we are going to spend it with too – for good and for bad. When a child dies, an agreement has been made long before that child or the parent comes to earth. Through that death, those left behind are forced to reassess their lives and often take on a whole new direction which they never would have done otherwise. There is always a silver lining, even if you can’t see it yet.

    4. Hi Vera, I am so sorry for your loss. I can only but imagine. With reference to your question, no one can know or answer it adequately enough if they haven’t also experienced it themselves. But with that said, the best you can do is honour your child’s memory through your own life. Life sometimes gives us tragedy. We in-turn, need to take that and encourage, support, uplift others who are going through something similar. In that, we find healing, not only for ourselves, but for other people as well. Your child will always be in your thoughts and heart. Let that light shine through you.

    5. Dear Vera

      Firstly allow me to extend my deepest sympathy for your loss. I will not for a moment pretend to know or downplay your hurt, but I will try my best to offer another thought path and hopeful consolation for you and your family…

      You may be finding it difficult to believe or even understand how, but know that within you you have the power and strength to choose how you can / will honor your child and his/her memory – his/her life. All the tools and support are right before you for you to read, study, absorb, practice, and act on – when you are ready – and when you choose to.

      Years ago, my best friend and his (newly married) wife fell pregnant with their first. It was a special time as within the group of 5 guy best friends, they were the first couple to conceive. For young guys, the comprehension of bringing new life into this world was beyond us, especially seen as we were removed from the emotional and physical roller coaster ride of pregnancy, allowing practicality and logic to govern our minds as to how to deal with becoming young parents (or for me – a godparent). At times we (the guys) celebrated their human miracle as if we were watching the Bokke take down the All Blacks, not giving much thought to the possibility of an altered path, and therefore behaving somewhat ignorantly – yet excited!

      One Thursday morning, 8 months into the joyful pregnancy, the wife called my best friend from work distressed, claiming the baby hadn’t moved. They rushed to the hospital where they discovered their first born to be had not made it. She had to be induced to birth their still-born daughter – a very traumatic physical and emotional experience. I had never seen my best friend sob like a baby, and then it dawned on us very young men, the pain of the actual loss!!!

      How does one come back from that? What do you do? What do you say? Do you think of having another child to fill the void of the first? What do you choose?

      We decided to take a spiritual approach to it. Not that we were asked to – but we wanted to. I say we (the 4 best friends) because we had never seen our mate (and his young wife) be this hurt and down. That little soul wasn’t ready for this life, yet it had loads to teach them – and as it turned out – to teach us too. She taught them to be united in their relationship and to not give in or give up, and today they are proud parents of 2 gorgeous daughters.

      She also taught us. How to get in touch. To see. To feel. To connect. To find compassion. To offer support no matter what. To be thankful. And more importantly – to be aware. The most logical, profound, and special thing to do was to have a “Release & Forgive” ceremony. This was arranged to allow the young couple and family to pray, say their goodbyes, and more importantly to say their THANK YOU’s and pledge their Forgiveness. We all heard a peaceful yet positive sermon from the pastor, and then released white balloons and doves into the sky – and said our final goodbyes to that little precious soul.

      It’s true that none of us got to live and experience her, to form a bond, but we are 100% sure that she taught us so much more through her small introduction to this world. Today, we reflect on those years (now 16 years ago) with much joy. Not for the loss but rather for what we learned and gained. We often joke when we all gather, “Imagine how much more she would have taught us had she actually been here with us now?” But what we all stand united on is that her little soul taught us how to see things in a positive light – and to remain aware and grateful for everything we have.

      For me personally, coming from a conservative Greek-South African background, we were brought up knowing (among plenty other negative conditionings) that little old ladies should be dressed in black for what seems like eternity, whilst they mourn their lost ones. From a young age I had decided that I would never live my life like that. So depressed into my golden years. Eeeek. This kind of mind conditioning has such a (negative) powerful effect on ones life – on a nation. Thankfully I grew up with other fellow South Africans and got exposed to other cultures and beliefs, and was able to plot my own beliefs path, much to my parent’s disapproval.

      Having come together all those years ago to act on a most ‘unorthodox’ way of letting go of traumatic loss – or honoring the soul that has passed – taught me that anything can be done. I have broken my upbringing conditioning many times, and still have some way to go to realising my full potential, but these are the moments that stand out as the aha moments, that make us better and stronger than we ever thought possible.

      Today I live and work in a country (Rwanda) that suffered massive trauma through genocide – 20 years ago this year – and I have witnessed first hand how different people and cultures set about their ways to remember and forgive. Their achievements are most remarkable. I often think that one day I hope to be able to bring back to SA my learnings from abroad, to hopefully broaden the impressions of possibilities for our people, and the gift of forgiveness.

      Vera, by no means is this a comparison to your experience, but I hope that it gives you purpose. Purpose to continue positively in the memory of your child. Purpose that you become the greatest you can be, because that’s what your child wants for you.

      I wish you light and love – and awareness!!!


    6. Hi Vera,

      My boy died 17 years ago of cot death.
      At that stage I did not understand or know the concept of the soul deciding which life it wants to live and who his parents will be.
      However, I was fortunate enough to realise soon after his death that I was actually lucky an blessed to have known the little guy, even just for a very short time.
      That immediately changed the way I managed to handle his death. I spent more time celebrating his life than mourning his death.

      Do whatever it takes to celebrate him/her..get every single pic you have that you love and put them up somewhere. Keep that there until you are healed then put them away safely.

    7. Boitshoko Raditladi · Edit

      Hi Vera , I am just like Wendy have not lost a child. But I have a sister who lost a partner recently and all we can do is cry and pray with her but she said something profound that she believes that God tooks her husband when he was still holy. ….I hope you will find something to hold on to to draw your strength.

    8. Hi Vera. I know what u talking about dear it just doesnt make sense and it would never. I have also lost my six months old daughter january this year and up to now i have so many question which i dont have answers for. But i had to come to terms with it and focus on what is good and positive in my life and let what is beyond my control in the Creator’s hands. I think about her everyday she was the most precious gift i have ever recieved in my life. Tell u what it made me realise how short life can be and i started to work even harder in her honor and im only focusing on the positive side of things……i pray for your healing believe me you i know what u going through, take it all to the Master

  3. Very true! This came at the perfect moment. Just last night I was on a Facebook debate with some South African ex-pats. All they can see is the crime and corruption, resulting in negative, pessimistic comments. My argument was to rather see the positive potential we have as a nation, what good we have done and working towards! We as South Africans, have to believe in this positive side! It starts with our attitudes and beliefs, and the actions we do thereafter. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. I have been doing this all my life and have lived with the positivity of challenge throughout it. Its never what happens but how you view it that creates the magic of beneficial change. Rose cloured glasses? Oh yes, had aophysical pair of those made too! It works.

  5. This is profoiund, thank you for taking the time to share it. I have been drowning, and will definitely start practicing this. It makes sense.

  6. Hi Brian,

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been going through some tough times over the last few years and I started some time ago to use my failures as motivation to pick myself up and start again. It works. And now, with the way the way Tony Robbins puts it, I am going to make it work a whole lot better.

    Regards, Dave East

  7. Wow dats amazing.the funny thing is that life has already forced me to subconsciously live by these principles even though I have not put it in informal words .thanks this will serve as a reinforcement.

  8. What a powerpacked message for a powerpacked day of the week. Thanks Brian.

    “no matter how thin you slice it…” I just love this statement

  9. This is just what I need to hear. As I had a small car accident on Saturday. I wanted a new car and now I will get one. Thank you.

  10. I concur!!Every test in our lives has the utmost potential to become a tesimony!Though we know this…we tend to believe in the latter as if success is for a select few….and faiolure is inevitable.I certainly believe that this outlook should be how every entrepreneur should view hardships,myslef included!Being successful does not mean you are exempt from hardships!

  11. Very true, I have seen many individuals getting”stuck” by their own beliefs, so much so that they have a long list of excuses to justify their position instead of finding the lesson in the situation.

  12. Thank you for reminding me about perspective Brian, I realised that I am letting my challenges get on top of me instead of me ruling them.

  13. Thank you for this! Such inspiring and true words to learn to take control of your life and to try see your life through the positive lens.

  14. Indeed, so true. Always put every ounce of energy into everything you do and never lose sight of the big picture (end result). I have encountered life’s challenges recently especially after undergoing retrenchment but with Gods grace, faith, belief and the sight of end result is how I am surviving thus far. Thank you Brian Walsh for your inspiration!

  15. that is exactly what I need to do at this point in my life this message is for me thank you for the reminder that I am in control and that I need to take the control back

  16. Oh what a profound thing to share. I’m going through some challenges currently in my life. I will definetly look at each one and ask how this can serve me in a positive way.

  17. thanks Brian for sharing, after reading the article, i had a very difficult conversation with myself and for sure , there is a lot of positive that can come out of the negatives

  18. Positive thinking is powerful. The normal reaction is to feel deprived, but if you can get yourself to feel sad about a obstruction but to flip into survival mode very shortly after being sad. That would take a little effort to train yourself. Use your energy into the right direction instead of wasting it on feeling sad.

  19. Very often we deny what is true…and satisfy ourselves that we are on the right path…it pays you to reflect and consider the “other side” and look out for alternatives…enriching yourself in the process

  20. Thanks for reminding me Brian that “f I am not the problem, then there is no solution”. My past actions (mental, emotional & physical) got me where I am today. To get different results, do something differently. Otherwise I am just a victim of external forces.

  21. Thank you for this powerful reminder Brian! I know I am often guilty of focusing on the perceived loss when things that don’t go my way, instead of what I may possibly be gaining in the process.

  22. This is a very powerful message. Such truth. There are some stormy clouds in my not so distant future, this made me realize it could be a blessing in disguise.

  23. Thank you for a great lesson .In all challenges and difficulties there is always good to come out of that one has focus and find the good .

  24. Interesting article, what about what one is going through as a consequence. How does one take that as a positive, what could be the other side of the slice:

  25. Truly inspiring information given to me on a platter. I have a choice of using it or not. All I need is to take decisive and inspired active action.

    Thanks for the information Brian.

  26. Thank you the great reminder to take back our power and we decide what our lives going forward are going to be each day. What an empowering thought !!

  27. This concept is the shizy. To have greater inner power, allowing us to overcome any situation or period in our lives. Not sure if we lose this ability as we mature as a human race or does this mind concept gets easier. Either way I’m here to use it because I have been empowered and exposed to this ultimate piece of controlling any situation to work positively for me.
    Thx Tonny R

  28. Hello Brian, I enjoy your articles, full of wisdom
    Thank you.!

    Everything happens for a reason maybe the mottoI
    I live by will inspire others.


    Winston Churchill.

  29. Tlotliso Praise Maepa · Edit

    Mr Walsh thank you for sharing this article, a relevant motivation for a relevant situation in my life,wow great insight am infact speechless

  30. Brian thank you very very much for inspiring me to go to the UK to see Tony Robbins live. YOU – FREAKIN’ – ROCK! The transformation in the way that I view life NOW versus 4 days ago means that I will NEVER go back to living small and lowering my standards because I was afraid of failure. I now know that my top 3 self limiting beliefs were bullshit (excuse the language but there is no polite way to say it!). I now acknowledge the truth – I am POWERFUL, I am LOVED and I AM enough! My message to everyone one reading this article is to decide to attend the next UPW event in March 2015. Once you have made that decision, NOTHING will stand in your way!

  31. keep on keeping on, it is not what happens, it is how you deal with it… I am also down and out at present, hoever, it is only temporary – I know this – each day you are to kick your heels higher, smile wider, and be good to all who surround you….. sometime, somehow, the dark clouds will clear, just see the Cape Town weather today?? we thought the week would be filled by cold and storms….. wonderful , powerful day to all!!

  32. Hi Brain thanks a lots for sharing this powerfull insight with us , i hope it won’t just motivate us for few minutes that we read it and after an hour we are back to our normal victim stance !!! It should be embereded in our long term MEMORY so that it is always with us.

    to Vera i have been there and i know the pain it is something that most don’t ever get to

  33. This article is important for everyone. In my life, I have realized that not all aspects will be perfectly set in the order you want them to be. But after reading this article it made me realize that, if all was perfect, how would we fight and push for something better? We are always striving fr the better as humans. So if we don’t change the meaning we give things, then we will not better any situation. We will just be stuck in a pool of unhappiness.

  34. What is so incredible to me is that Brian with his success has become the holder of so many hope filled helium balloons, held here by so many people, from all demographic groups, age categories, faithor creeds and life experiences.

  35. This is just a positive and empowering thought!
    I’ll add : ” People see things and wonder why? But I dream of things and I say: why not?”
    Thx Brian

    1. ““Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”

      George Bernard Shaw

      A VERY inspiring quote

  36. Wow, while reading all of your experiences my eyes filled with tears. All of sudden I felt, I am not alone. I am so inspired by all your messages. Thank you everybody for sharing your stories especially Vera and Wendy. I feel your pain Vera. I also had three terrible experiences in my life. I had three miscarriages already, but God did not give up on me. He gave me two beautiful children who has replaced my sadness with joy and lots of joy I must had. Losing a child is something you will never forget, but our Father God makes the pain easier. Don’t give up, God is our Father and he will help you through the pain.
    God bless everybody!

  37. Brian, a very profound, powerful and inspirational message, the kind of major breakthroughs many of us need in our lives today. When I read yours and Vera’ loss, I felt the urge to share my past experiences. I believe the more stories shared will certainly assist others in similar circumstances.

    “No storm is greater or lesser than another”

    The Bible is a pivotal part of our daily lives, we have all been through minor or major storms and lost loved ones who we cared and loved dearly. The pain of knowing that one will never see those precious souls ever again was an enormous challenge for most part of my life.

    At the age of 18 I experienced a traumatic incident which I had no control over, being raped, beaten, bruised and held at gun point and nobody to turn too left me “lost and trapped from that very ugly and awful experience”. As life continued I ASSUMED I had overcome that very incident.

    At the age of 24 I met an awesome man whom I adored, he treated me with utmost respect and how a woman should have been treated and loved. A year and 6 months later he died in a tragic car accident.

    As time went by I kept on bumping my head meeting men who only looked upon me for their sexual desires. The thought of never finding a man who I could ever look upon as a respected man left me lonely, cold and very tired. I became very insecure and began doubting men and had no further trust in them “so I thought – at the time”.

    A certain part of my life I was auditing the portfolio of the CEO’ office, after I followed the instructions of the majority shareholders. After I submitted my report to the board, the CEO was requested to resign or a fraud case would have been opened against him and I was dismissed for “gross insubordination against the CEO who I raised the audit findings against.

    At first I thought my world had shattered by pure humiliation and intimidation. Imagine being a prominent person in business and suddenly your income is suddenly removed. Seeking other endeavours and openly sharing my experience with those whom I had approached at the time, further shattered me as nobody was prepared invest in my abilities.

    At first I assumed my world had collapsed but I immediately began seeking God’ council for guidance and I was reminded of what transpired at the age of 18.

    This was almost 26 years later the reason for my loneliness’ and business opportunities’ not filtering through to filtration. I had actually suppressed what had taken place and I needed to deal with SEEKING SELF of having to deal with the pain and agony of having to forgive the person and others whom I had come into contact with through this time.

    When I read this powerful verse again “years later” I began to experience the true power in these amazing words, when – Luk 23:34 …Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”. As I began sharing my story with others the hurt of self inflicted pain found me forgiving easier, then only did my healing process begin.

    After all the challenges I had experienced:

    • Got married at 44, to my Devine husband.

    • “Almost, ten years ago” met a property investor whose portfolio I have taken care of since:
    “the first two years I had no confidence and had to continuously remind myself of my abilities to succeed”.

    • Published a book in 2012 – YESHUA JESUS THE SPOKEN WORD

    • 18 months ago my husband and I began assisting a single mother and her son from birth. The JOY of having this little bundle of LOVE in our midst, proves that unconditional Love is so important regardless of what could have or might have transpired in our past.

    o The greatest commandment many of us are struggling with today: Mar 12:31 And the second, like it, is this: ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” John 13:34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

    My life story “almost 36 years” bring pure inspiration to those who are struggling to meet their life challenges’

    Remain focused and calm as you find the true meaning and purpose of your existence here on earth. Surround yourself with Loving, Caring, Positive and Successful people and see your world overturn into pure splendour and intended from the very beginning.

  38. I loved this whole article, and its all true. When you start making a gratitude journal you start realising you have much to be grateful for. I feel for Vera, and I pray that she can find the comfort in Our Lord Jesus. I can only say that I know that tangible pain. But when you can see God’s plan for you beyond that, you will see that he is indeed a God of love, and mercy. I broke my hand recently, and I thought that that it was the end of the world, until I realised that I hadnt lost my hand. I can still feel, touch and use my hand, so I thank GOD for allowing me to keep my hand, as a functioning part of my body. As for the loss of a child, I do understand Vera’s loss, but from a different angle. I was young and scared and pregnant, and was literally forced into an abortion, something I bitterly regret today. But I have had to forgive myself, and it has taken months, or years, but decades to do so. But accepting, and forgiving and loving oneself has been the most difficult thing to do. Vera, God has merely taken back what is rightfully his because he needed his beautiful creation and one day you will celebrate with your child, in an environment way better than we have today. God Bless and comfort you .

  39. Great article Brian, well done.

    Several years ago when I first started Viljoen Consulting, there was a young lady (let’s call her Sue)who had fallen pregnant out of wedlock and whose father was a bit of a ogre. He forced her to have an abortion, she then ran away from home and took shelter with me. My spiritual guide at the time was a lady by the name of Vanessa and she worked with Sue in an attempt to help her work through the emotions of issue.

    Vanessa told Sue, that we all have a choice in life and than often when we choose to come back to this human world that we call earth, we choose the trials and tribulations that we will endure as well as our parents and the way that we will live etc. (now this is not to negate any religions out there, so please don’t all just jump on me). Vanessa said that the decision that Sue’s father had made on her behalf was actually the unborn baby’s decision and that that child had decided that perhaps it didn’t want to come back to the human’s earth at this time and that perhaps in time to come it would decide to come back.

    Obviously it was a lot of work and a great deal of time passed before Sue was able to reconcile what had happened.

    Not too long after that Sue met a chap and to end a very long story she is now happily married with a whole string of children – who knows, maybe one of them is the original child who changed it’s mind about living on this earth – I would like to think so – wouldn’t you?

  40. Thanks Brian – GREAT stuff if people ACTION it..

    This all comes back to Self-Awareness, Mindset Mastery, Energy and Consciousness level.

    It’s easy when you feel energized to take action, not so when you feel depleted.

    Same for Vera’s situation. Its easy to reframe, Rethink and re-meaning when you feel good, resilient and energised.

    And again not so easy when you are leaking your energy through sadness, loss, grief, heart-break and hopelessness.

    As conscious humans, thoughts, energies, emotions and moods are a natural part of our adventure on this earthly journey. It just depends upon which level you are presently stepping off from at any moment.

    From my Healing and Self Mastery/ Consciousness/ Alchemist work, I have designed a scale of State: Potential, Energy & Momentum.

    • Stagnant
    • Shocked
    • Stalled
    • Stressed
    • Stuck
    • Spark
    • Flame
    • Fire
    • Furnace
    • Thriving

    From a point of Thriving, anything is possible. From a point of stagnant or shock, little seems possible.

    Only once you can clear the “leak”, break the state, and activate higher energy, can you move up the scale again. A transformation must occur in energy and mindset.This is what we share on our InnerMoment Millionaire Experiences.


    Tony Dovale
    The Rethink Your Success Mindset Guy

  41. You see Mr Walsh I have been through some heavy things in life but I only realized recently that its these same problems and incidents that make me the fantastic Brand Consultant I am today. I deal with clients better and I have a much better understanding of my clients needs. This article truly confirms this to be true… Thank You… See you at Maslow Hotel on Saturday…

    5 out of 5

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