The truth about rich people the media will never tell you!

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The truth about rich people the media will never tell you!

Rich people seem to be castrated in the eyes of the media. They’re constantly being portrayed as greedy, selfish, stuck up, and downright evil.

But here’s the truth.

Rich people don’t despise people for saying these things about them. In fact, most rich people I know (myself included) feel nothing but sympathy for people who think they’re greedy and selfish.

After all, it’s a pretty lousy way to live your life.

When it comes down to it, rich people would LOVE for more people to become more rich. They do not want to “hold others down” and suppress their income. Absolutely not! As you begin to gain wealth you begin to accumulate a prosperity sense of thinking which says that money is infinite.

And that’s the truth.

Money IS infinite. There is no limit to the capabilities of human minds to create more value in the world around us. What we used to think of impossible just a few years ago is now accepted and used daily in our lives.

Just think of cell phones… TV’s… going to the moon… or flying.

And since money is created from value, money is therefore infinite as well.

Wealthy people love to spread wealth. It always amuses me that poor people accuse rich people of being “greedy”… yet rich people give away 10-20x more of their annual income to charities and other organizations than poor people do.

They also see the rich as wanting it all for themselves. Not true! Personally, I don’t mind seeing new competitors pop up because it forces me to think strategically about how to create more value for my students. With more value comes more market share and more money.

Wealth starts in your mind and works its way outward. It is impossible to become wealthy unless you first believe you can become wealthy, and see yourself becoming wealthy. Although I don’t believe in the law of attraction as portrayed by “The Secret”, I do believe that your belief system has a direct impact on the ACTIONS you take. The same actions that create wealth for you.

Becoming wealthy takes work. HARD work. LONG work. CONSISTENT work. Most poor people are simply unwilling to do this. Before I became wealthy, I had $974 in my pocket. I had to work constantly… day and night… rain or sunshine… sick or not sick… for YEARS before I gained any traction and began to accumulate true wealth.

But here’s the funny thing.

Being Wealthy Is Very Much Worth The Fight!

There is not a single wealthy person on this Earth that can say, with honesty, that they’d rather not work as hard and go back to being broke.

Not a single person.

Being wealthy becomes a habit. The more you create, the better you do. The better you do, the more momentum you gain. The more momentum you gain, the faster your wealth grows.

This isn’t just in terms of money, either. I’m at a point in my life where I gauge success by the amount of OTHER people I can help become successful.

YES, there are people out there with a lot of money who are greedy…selfish… etc. But they are the rare ones. Typically they had the wealth handed to them through rich parents or winning the lottery. Or they are simply crooks by nature and got their money by stealing.

But the average wealthy person doesn’t love the wealth… they love the person they’ve become to acquire that wealth.

So if you’re stuck right now, trying your damnedest to make it work… just keep at it. I can promise you that the journey is worth it. It might be a long one. And I can tell you it’s a journey that never ends. But it’s FUN if you learn to live in the moment and enjoy the process.

So sit up straight… and get to work.

Please comment and I will answer where I can.

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  1. Thokozani Zungu - South Africa · Edit

    Your write up is good i must say. I also viewed your profile and picked up that your success has derived from mastering these four key elements. I wish you could expand on these four elements i.e. Mastering the Art of Partnering, Branding, Networking and Marketing. May be in terms of actionable steps and approach. This could help me and others a great deal.

  2. Insightful perspective, thank you. There’s a generalization which claims that “nobody got rich on an honest day’s work”. The concept creates a conflict when seeing the charitable rich doing their bit to uplift humanity vs. monopolies that accumulate wealth by exploiting their advantage rather than using it to empower the world. What are your thoughts on this?

  3. My drive is to see myself getting successful, and running my own international media and production company but my biggest challenges, are networking with the right people, resources allocation and having the right position and property I’ve got nothing and would like to get something and be somewhere on top of the range. How do I start, and where do I get the right resources and financial aid?

  4. Ummm, JT, I think you mean “castigated” not castrated, especially since half of the people you talk about don’t have the body parts necessary for castration. Point taken, nevertheless, and this article is very timely for me. Thank you.

    4 out of 5
  5. Thanks for the inspiration and the truth must always… When ever I get that punch of laziness I go on my phone and read the success stories and I get my fend again so keep up the good work JT we are great full of your work and God bless

    5 out of 5

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