Tribute to Madiba from our Contributors and Partners

Tribute to Madiba from our Contributors and Partners

This page is being updated on a regular basis with more tributes as they come in.

1Brian“It is a sad day with the loss of our father and one of Africa’s greatest son, Nelson Mandela, but I hope we as South Africans and all people of the world will honour his life by becoming more caring people. What better way to honour the great man than to live by his example. It is time to bring humanity back through our businesses and lives and I am truly blessed that I could be born and live in the country and in the presence of the greatest leader of our time. Tata, you will be missed but never forgotten.”

– Brian Walsh | Founder of

Here are some amazing tributes from our friends, team and contributors from around the world…

1Carl“As an African Kiwi, it has been humbling to see first hand over the last five years, the respect, recognition, love and heart-felt emotion that all South Africans have towards Nelson Tata Mandela. He is an icon of what it means to be a leader and a human being. I remember watching on the news in New Zealand on the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and I will never forget where I was this morning hearing the news of his passing. God Bless you Nelson Mandela, may you rest in peace knowing you have had a remarkable impact on all of the world.”

– Carl Bates | Sirdar South Africa Group

AAjt“I am so sad as I woke up this morning in South Africa to terrible news, the death of Nelson Mandela. God has called one of his angels back but his legacy does not end with his passing but forever will live in our hearts, minds and soul. I have learned so much from this man since coming to this country 8 months ago and I promise to carry his vision and message to entrepreneurs all over the country and world with the same passion, love and forgiveness. He is my hero, thank you South Africa.”

– JT Foxx | JT Foxx Organization

“Nelson Mandela has accomplished what he wanted to. He was a fine example of what it means to stick to your principles and not to quit. He deserves to rest in peace now. I sincerely hope that our current leaders will learn from him and not squander what he has created for the whole of South Africa. I am proud to call myself South African with such a great man born from this country.”

– Gerhard Barnard | Team

“Today we lost not only a great man; we also lost one of the world’s greatest leaders.”

– Richard Branson | Founder of Virgin

“Today I am deeply saddened to learn that Nelson Mandela, the father of the my nation, has passed away. Mr Mandela was a deep and meaningful inspiration to me and my acceptance and understanding of equality for all aspects of my life. Colour never bothered me as I was always free in that regard, however accepting my life choices as my decisions and my actions was due to the inspiration that Nelson was. My most influential moment was when I learned that Nelson stood up for both White’s and Blacks equally at his release, even after all his mistreatment and hatred forced upon him. I wish you well on your way to tranquility My Madiba.”

– Danny Acutt | Team

“The transition of a great hero of our time Nelson Mandela will leave an indelible mark for the potential of greatness in all of us.”

– Deepak Chopra | World Renowned Author

“Nelson Mandela’s work to bring down apartheid in South Africa and unify a nation inspired and energized thousands of people to fight for equality. May his legacy live on.”

– Brian Tracey | World Renowned Author and Speaker

“Nelson Mandela you are an icon, and inspiration to not only all South Africans, but the world as a whole. Thank you for all you have done for us, showing us humility and compassion towards each other, in a time when difference and fighting was rife. Our country mourns you – but we also thank you for all that you have done to build us up to greatness. South Africans are once again united today, in our love for our Tata Madiba.”

– Heather Hook | Team

“So very sorry to hear about the passing of The Great Nelson Mandela. My deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace. A truly great man.”

– Robin Sharma | World Renowned Author and Speaker

“Mandela has led SA’s march to freedom and justice now its time for all South Africans to lead that march”

– Ashraf Garda | Radio & TV Personality

“We can stand tall and be proud as a nation, a great man has left this earth, but his spirit will inspire this nation for years to come. He has taught me personally that no matter the adversities or circumstances, you can still choose to be great”

– Brandon Tancott | Team

“Nelson Mandela made me proud to be a South African – he was an inspiration to all the peoples of this country and his legacy will live on. May he rest in Peace.”

– Sally Mackenzie | Team




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