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Community Manager

We are looking for a Community Manager to join our team! If you are a self-driven and ambitious tech-savvy professional we would love to meet you! We are expecting you to be experienced in social media, PR and promotional events. Ultimately, you should be able to act as a face and voice of our brand and be highly active engaging with our community.

Community Manager Responsibilities:

  1. Welcoming Clients (broadly to general new members, one-on-one with VIPs):
    Ensuring all clients are warmly welcomed to their programs and “know their way around”. Getting clients onboarded, introducing yourself as Community Manager/point of contact, supporting them as needed for a great high-vibe start.
  2. Supporting Clients:
    Being present and supporting clients in the RS community, interacting with clients, e.g. answering questions, liking & commenting on their posts, cheering them on, keeping the vibe in the group high.
  3. “Gamification”:
    Initiating and running fun activities that create high vibes and group fun, e.g. Halloween get-togethers, Friday karaoke/beers/wine, superconscious cosplay, etc.
  4. Deep Rapport:
    Building and enhancing rapport with all clients; knowing them as intimately as possible (their names, birthdays, significant life events e.g. weddings, etc.), accompanying them on their journeys, e.g. sending birthday cards, congrats messages when they’ve moved into their new place, or when their son/daughter got married, etc

Community Manager Qualifications/Skills: 

  1. Excellent verbal communication skills
  2. Excellent writing skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal and presentations skills
  4. Hands-on experience with community management
  5. Ability to interpret website traffic
  6. Knowledge of online marketing 
  7. Critical-thinker and problem-solver
  8. Is an authentic and detail-oriented person
  9. Background in support-related field
  10. Strong soft skills online and in-person
  11. Solid understanding of the organization
  12. Ability to create or source content
  13. PR know-how
  14. Social media savvy
  15. Adaptable
  16. BSc degree in Marketing or relevant field is preferred

Community Manager Requirements:

  1. Maintains the voice of the brand in all posts and interactions
  2. Ensures all content being shared has a purpose and meets the expectations and needs of the community
  3. Schedules, posts, and engages on all content
  4. Creates, manages, and follows up with all contests, giveaways, and promotions
  5. Ensures community rules and guidelines are being followed by all community members
  6. Keeps up with industry trends and updates made to the platform at hand
  7. Knows what audience members want and need out of the shared content
  8. Creates a safe space for community members to ask questions, get help, feel supported, share ideas, provide feedback, and solve problems
  9. Has the ability to lead our community development and growth efforts
  10. Can empathize with community members on community platforms
  11. Can analyze and measure community management efforts and results, making modifications where necessary
  12. Proven work experience as a community manager or similar role
  13. Experience planning and leading community initiatives
  14. Ability to identify and track relevant community KPIs
  15. Highly customer-focused

Work hours:

We service customers across global time zones, so working hours are relatively flexible. Usually, the team follows normal business hours in South Africa (8am-5pm). We run events regularly over weekends and it will be expected that you attend most of these. Our team typically works hard but takes regular time off and our leave policy takes into account when team members work over the Summit weekends for additional days off the weeks after the summits.

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