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We’ve been hosting world class LIVE events and streaming them online around the world since 2012. Since April 2020 we’ve switched to fully online LIVE summits, with attendees joining us from 157+ countries, and more than 400,000 registrants. Take a look at a few of our previous events below.

The REAL Success Live Online Summit 2022

For the first ever jam packed 4 day summit Your line-up included

  • Jack Canfield (Author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Books)
  • Les Brown – 4 Talks (The Worlds #1 Motivational Speaker)
  • Eric Thomas (World Leading Success Teacher)
  • John Assaraf (Global Expert on the Brain)
  • Forbes Riley (Getting stuff done)
  • Sharon Lechter (Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)
  • Paul O’Mahony (#1 Social Media expert in the world)
  • Linda Clemons (World’s top communication specialist)
  • Peter Sage (World leading Personal Master expert)
  • And many more…

Attendees also received over $400 worth of special bonus and gifts.

The REAL Success Live Online Summit 2022

The Thing Most People Struggle With In Life Is Money And Health. So We At REAL Success Network Decided To Put A Dedicated 3-Day Summit On To Address This.

Day 1 taught us how to make more money, how to manage it better and how to invest it to create true wealth

Day 2 taught us how to shift our weight, body image and overall health so it sticks. Addressing psychology more than just the actions.

Day 3 taught us how to master our mind and recondition ourselves to follow through from what you learnt on day 1 and 2.

The REAL Success Live Online Summit 2022

We believe that you make or break your own success and regardless of the circumstances, your success in 2022 lies in your hands. To help you make 2022 the best year you have ever had… we had asked some of the world’s greatest inspirational speakers to help you kickstart your year.

They helped our attendees with personal growth, mindset, health, finances, business and various other areas they wished to succeed with in 2022. 16 of the world’s best, all live over 3 amazing days. 

The REAL Success Summit - Best of 2021


We did not want you to have to wait for 2022 to make next year your best year ever. In fact if you wanted to make 2022 a really special year full of successful achievements and growth, this was the event for you.

We put the REAL Success Summit – Best of 2021 together to set you up for all the success you hoped to achieve going into this new year.

Our amazing hosts wear joined by  incredible teachers like Deepak Chopra, Mel Robbins, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Dr John Demartini, Forbes Riley and others as the best way to end your 2021.

The REAL Success Live Online Summit October 2021

Our speakers came from 9 different countries and are truly the best of the best. They are also people who all walk their talk and have helped millions of people collectively make massive changes to their outcomes in life. Here are some of the highlights:

We started the summit with Peter Sage who showed the attendees how to implement lasting change and why so few do. Followed by Dr John Demartini who helped define their purpose and give them tools to ensure they attract positive people, opportunities and circumstances into their lives. Robin SharmaMel RobbinsLes Brown and Robin Banks gave attendees the tools to inspire change and help create a lasting mindset towards mastering success. Deepak Chopra and James MacNeil show them how to live a life of miracles. Through their insights and strategies. 


Money has such a negative impact on most of our lives. Firstly, because we always seem to lack enough and associate negative feelings with the struggle with money instead of practicing gratitude for what we have and developing an abundance mindset. But then also, because we don’t practice simple strategies towards earning more money, managing it better, and investing it to create REAL Wealth.

So this series was designed to focus exclusively on our mindsets and strategies around money. 

At REAL Success Network we pride ourselves on sharing the best and most authentic teachers with you. In the MASTER MONEY WEBINAR SERIES, we shared a group of individuals who are making a massive difference in millions of peoples’ lives because of the cutting edge insights and strategies they are sharing around money and wealth creation.

The REAL Success Live Online Summit
August 2021

This event held the key to unlock everything you have been searching for. With the help of some of the greatest teachers on the planet, they taught our amazing attendees the strategies and blueprints needed to achieve the success they deserve. Over  the 3 days in this free summit, we took you step by step through mastering the key areas of your life to unlock REAL Success. 

The REAL Entrepreneur Conference - July 2021

We hosted an all-star Entrepreneurial Conference, with the billion dollar marketer, Jay Abraham, the legendary Brian Tracy, and incredible “People’s Shark”, Daymond John, and many more top quality speakers.

This was an incredible event, packed with some great learnings for Entrepreneurs and actionable insights to help take your business to the next level.

There was a fantastic Q&A for the VIP ticket holders after each day, where some really great questions were asked by the audience, and answered with some expert insight from Jay, Brian, Kate and Paul.

REAL Success Live Online Summit - June 2021

We had the pleasure of hosting another amazing speaker lineup in June 2021 at our REAL Success Live Online Summit.

This included an exclusive interview with the amazing Mel Robbins, some direct and honest words from the legend ET, Dr Eric Thomas, and amazing talks from the Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, the Queen of the Pitch, Forbes Riley, and many more incredible teachers.

REAL Connection Live Online Summit - March 2021

REAL Connection Live Online Summit, March 2021, connected people over three days from over 130 countries that boosted people to knock 2021 out the park. With an amazing lineup of speakers, covering such a vast range of topics which left our audience feeling equipped and capable to take the necessary steps to conquer 2021. The amazing Les Brown and Dr Eric Thomas uplifted our audiences and encouraged them to change their perspective. Jack Canfield, another one of the phenomenal speakers, with over 40 years in teaching, incorporated a variety of tools touching on emotional, financial and fundamental methods for anyone to easily use to create their ideal life. Helping turn dreams into a reality. This life changing event created leaders not just listeners.

REAL Connection Live Online Summit - February 2021

This Summit brought people to a place of understanding, by taking the lessons of 2020 and transforming them into something greater than they could have ever imagined. With over 18 incredible speakers from all over the world, our audience were forced to bring awareness to the table, reignite an authentic fire within and move forward by embracing and accepting change.  This Summit captivated our audiences with phenomenal speakers such as Deepak Chopra, touching on our existence with the planet, and Forbes Riley whose electric energy captivated our audiences. This inspired and woke up so many to what their true capabilities really are.

REAL Success 2021 - January 2021

The start to a new year welcomed our REAL Success 2021 live event. With over 10,000 attendees and 21 of the world’s best teachers, this was one of our biggest Summits. It moved and triggered the audience like no other.  The Summit forced our audience to look under a microscope and use the tools by our incredible speakers to define 2021. One of our most loved speakers, Les Brown, spoke of unruly circumstances and having the courage to take charge of one’s life, to be hungry for success and get back up and try again when the world knocks you down. This Summit showed us an abundance of opportunity, that there is reason to come forward with your authenticity, reveal the true version and fullest potential of oneself. 

The Best Of REAL Connection Summits - December 2020

With this Summit being the biggest business, wealth and personal growth event in the world, we saw how much uncertainty grew into clarity in just three days. Our dynamic speakers shared not only their touching and inspiring stories, but their personal journey to change, connected with our audience on a personal level. This Summit reached out to thousands of people that were hungry and driven for newness in their lives, from their careers, relationships and even within themselves. The ever diverse topics created a platform for our audience to reevaluate their lives on every aspect. This event proved to thousands that what seems impossible can be made possible, it’s all in one self, our mindset and how hungry we are for it. Take what was taught in this event and apply it, as knowledge means NOTHING if it is not applied.

To put some many incredible talent together for free phenomenal. The Love Guru gave me insight to the spiritual. Forbes increased my passion. Eric Thomas was real. Les Brown kind and caring. Great learning.
Aundre Blasingame

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