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Brian Walsh

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Lisa Gering

Chief Of Staff

Ashleigh Parrott

Executive Assistant

Lisa Walker

Operations Manager

Marci LaBelle

Summit Host

Samone Vorster

Community Manager

Karen Schickerling

Customer Experience Team Lead (US)

Meet Our People

At the REAL Success Network, we firmly believe that people’s lives and careers can be so much more than what they usually settle for. The REAL Success team is a global group of highly inspired individuals committed to personal and professional development by connecting people around the world to the best programs, teachers, coaches, and subject matter experts. With team members from South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States of America, we strive to help our audience and community achieve new levels of real success at each step of their self-improvement (or self-mastery) journey.

Sam Henry

Senior Accountant

Daniel Acutt

Revenue Generation Consultant

Dillan Schickerling

Production Team Member

Leanne Naidoo

Collections & Account Controller

Jailene Roman

Customer Experience Agent

Jacqui Moseta

Customer Experience Team Lead (SA)


Our Vision Is To Connect One Million People On Learning Journeys On A Global Basis And Our Team Is The Heart And Soul Of This​​


We help people start on a lifelong journey of continuous educational self-improvement so they can realise their full potential and live fulfilled lives. We do this by partnering with the best teachers in the world, and guiding each person on their individual learning journey.

There are no current positions available.

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